Work Your Core


Work Your Core

Working your core is a great way to get fit – and it is easier than you think! Gone are the days of doing crunches on the floor, straining your neck and not seeing any results!

You can even strengthen your core while watching television. No, I am not kidding! If you have access to a balance ball or BOSU(R) you are in luck! If you do not have either of these, they are not expensive and most times are available at your local discount store or in a second hand shop or in a sports consignment shop – cheap!

So let us say that you spend a conservative 2 hours a night watching your favorite television shows. If you sat on a balance ball or on the BOSU(R) during those two hours, you’d be working your core muscles – even the small ones that you do not even think about… and for TWO hours!

What is that you say? As long as you are not munching on chips at the same time, you are in business. See, these types of exercise equipment options are based on balance, which as you know gets worse with age (lack of balance causes most accidents with older folks). Proper balance is achieved when you have strong stomach and back muscles.

Balance equipment forces you to maintain your posture – that is remaining upright! – Even though you are not sitting on a flat surface (or your couch or favorite chair, which may also not be flat.) How does it do that? Even underneath some cushioning, you have stomach muscles – your own personal six pack, if you will. These muscles require some use, even if you are not aware, in order for you to stand. If you force these muscles to do something they are not used to doing, like sitting on a ball or round surface, you are engaging them in different ways than normal and therefore “working them”.

So that’s the front of you, what about the back? Did you know that in order to have a strong back you need a strong front? No kidding! Having strong stomach muscles actually protects your back – so next time you are out on the golf course or getting out of bed, remember to think about your core!

Now, the advice above is for those who currently “do nothing” while sitting and watching your television at night – this little bost will help! But if you want a little more… do extra during commercials! You likely don’t like watching them anyway, and you are already on a round surface – utilize your time!

If you get a BOSU(R), which I highly recommend, you can perform a endless number of exercise moves, including your favorite and mine, the crunch! You can also sit or stand on a flat surface, with the round side down on the floor. If you are a bit more advanced, or adventurous, do a push up during the commercial!

Every little bit helps! If you decide to perform a push up, (round side down!) check out for a way to add a little comfort to your routine or extra effort. You will be glad you did! This comfortable way of doing a challenging push up will allow you to do more repetitions during the commercial break!

Good luck!