What You Need to Take Care of a Horse

What You Need to Take Care of a Horse


There are lots of things to consider for your horse. These are the necessary ones he will need to keep him happy and healthy.

1. Nutrition

a. Hay- A good quality of hay is necessary. Alfalfa or a grass hay such as Timothy or Coastal is good. Horses can eat between 15 to 25 lbs per day

b. Protein- All hay generally does not provide enough protein so a protein pellet is recommended. Pellets are generally from 12 to 16 % protein.

c. Water- Horses will drink 10 to 30 gallons of water per day depending on the climate. Make sure your horse has plenty to drink especially on those hot days

d. Vitamins/Minerals- Adding a good vitamin/mineral supplement to your horses feed will help him get his nutritional requirements.

2. Hoof Care

Horses hooves are very important to him. He will need to have shoes put on or even if he is Bare foot he will need to be trimmed on a regular basis. You will want to clean his feet out daily with a hoof pick to keep any rocks or other objects from getting lodged.

3. Shelter

Horses love somewhere to get out of the weather or to have shade in the summer. A nice stall or a shed row type structure will be suffice.

4. Exercise

Horses need exercise just like we do. Riding regularly will not only keep him fit but will help you stay fit too so get out there and have some fun and be safe.

Remember, treat your horse with Kindness and give Good Quality Care and in return you will get many years of enjoyment with him.