Using Breathing Techniques For Anger Management

Using Breathing Techniques For Anger Management

The best time to use a breathing technique to manage your angry outbursts is while you are calm and happy. If you can get in the practice of doing this simple, yet effective breathing exercise several times a day while you are calm and in a good mood the positive effect it will have on your emotional balance will speed up quickly.

The idea of “nipping your anger in the bud” gives your mind a practiced place or habit to return to when you find yourself losing control. I found that by doing this exercise in the morning, whenever I could during the workday and as I fell asleep made a huge difference in my ability to return to a calmer state of being when I felt my anger creeping up inside me.

If you can do this exercise as you see the first signs of anger building up in you, then you’ll be able to go to that calm place within yourself quicker than if you don’t use this technique.

If you try using it when you are wound up and seething with anger, it will take a lot longer to get into the rhythm of the breathing cycle that induces the inner peace. It can be done, but if you practice it before you get to this state, you’ll have an easier time accessing this state when you find yourself out of alignment with your Inner Peaceful Self.

Here’s the exercise:

This a classic technique of breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and release for 4 counts. Just follow your natural rhythm. Don’t force yourself to breathe faster or slower, let it come naturally. Close your eyes and imagine the number you are saying in your mind’s eye as you’re counting. This helps to give you something to focus on until you find the calming effect of the exercise.

At first you’ll be counting quickly. Don’t worry. That is to be expected. Simply continue to do this for several minutes, reminding yourself that with each full cycle of 4-4-4 you are getting closer to that calmer natural state that is inherently yours.

Repeat statements like:

“I’m getting calmer with each breath cycle.”

“The more I practice, the calmer I see myself in the future.”

“This is really working. I feel so calm.”

For increased benefit, write down how good you feel in your journal, extending the feeling of peacefulness even longer.

Remember that it takes time to change a habit and that your best path to a happier, more relaxed and zen life is to take it one step, one action at a time. Everyday you do this exercise, you’ll be one day closer to an improved you.