Understanding and Coping with Autism

Autism is a developmental condition which is detected early on in a child’s life. The signs of Autism can be quite sutled or prominent depending on the degree and type it is. Autism is basically defined as various types of syndromes that lead to different types of viewpoint on the world. These conditions are classified as Autism syndrome Disorder or ASD. Although, some types of Autism are still hard to classify some have been clustered as pervasive developmental disorder (PPD) or Aspergers Syndrome. The level of degree of Autism can range from mild to severe and understanding the signs of Autism is the first step toward helping a child who has it.

Signs of Autism in a Child

Noticing the signs of autism can be easier in some cases than in others. IF a child has severe Autism, they may seem withdrawn, not speaking, they tend not make eye contact, they will seem to prefer patterns and surroundings around them they are used to. In milder cases, some of these signs will still be present such as having their own way of communicating and completely understanding some things said to them especially when yelled too. They could still feel withdrawn at times not making eye contact, still feeling a disconnect to the world. Certain things mays set them off such as loud noises or certain colors, they will still prefer a more structured environment along with the routine. If a parent starts to see these signs in their child or being told by teachers that their kid has an attention issue in class they should not hesitate to have the child evaluated for Autism.

Dealing with Autism

NOw if a child is diagnosed with Autism, don’t think this is the end of them having a normal life far from it. Yes, a parent will need to learn how to communicate with the child, how to discipline autistic child so they would learn right from wrong. In short figure out an effective way in which to enter that child’s world. One way is to consult those who medical specialist dealing in autism. Parent’s can be taught how to create a safe, stable environment the child wants, learn what their triggers are, help them to connect with you and the world in their own way. Reward them when they do something right, which would help them to understand the importance of doing so. Do more research online, know that as a parent of a child with Autism there will always be challenges to face, especially as the kid gets older.

Remembering Yourself

Being a parent is a full-time job in itself. For a parent with Autism, they may feel like that is 24 hours a day seven days a week. But everyone needs to remember to take care of themselves as well, including a parent. Don’t feel guilty about having some alone time or taking the time out for yourself.

The most important thing to remember about children with Autism is that they aren’t mentally disturbed. They have a different way of thinking and seeing the world. Many of them can grow up to have normal production, and amazing lives, Autism isn’t the end it is just the beginning of a challenging journey.