The Secret to Improving Your Golf Swing is in Your Hands!


The Secret to Improving Your Golf Swing is in Your Hands!

Golf is a physical sport that requires all of your major muscle groups to perform in one complete fluid action. If you truly want to improve your swing there are several ways to condition your body to make a huge difference in your game.


Your muscle system needs to be flexible for your proper golf swing. There are many simple stretches that will achieve this. One is done with a Swiss ball that is perfect for your follow through. If you allow your major muscle groups to stay tight you will lose your range of motion on the swing. Our goal is improvement of our golf swing by being more flexible with our body.


The next way to improve your swing is by building up your strength. All of our core muscle groups are involved in our golf swing. You must have a regular work out program to keep your muscles in top form. Legs,arms,back and neck all play an important part to your swing. Remember the stronger your body is the harder and further you can drive the golf ball.

Mental State

Your golf game is not only physical it is also a mind game. You should have a simple way of being able to clear your thoughts and relax. Sometimes just a simple walk on the golf coarse is enough to do the trick. The component is to leave the mental distractions off the coarse when you play the game.


The last 3 points could be all combined into a simple yoga class. You may laugh but until you tried it you would never believe how hard it really is. Not only does it stretch your muscles it improves balance and strength at the same time. The core muscle groups involved in yoga really can improve your whole bodies structure. The class will usually end with a form of relaxation to clear your mind and leave you in a state of peacefulness.

Your golf swing training starts with your ability to control your bodies motion. This can be done with stretching, strength building and the right state of mind. We are physical beings that require exercise and physical conditioning to stay strong. The best way start improving your golf swing training is with yourself. Once you have your conditioning started you can then further your improvement with golf swing training guides,aids analysis techniques. Remember the secret is in your hands.