The Long and Short of It

The Long and Short of It

The gym is a place where we go to build our muscles and increase our stamina. The workout and the process of body building have been developed into a science. All the aspects of a workout are researched for maximum results. The kit used in a workout is also crucial if you desire the best results. Sports companies today provide comprehensive kits for beginners. This article will discuss the basic clothing for a novice jogger or aspiring body builder.

No matter what clothes you choose you need to be comfortable in them. Clothes that are too big or too small will hinder you from performing the exercise in the right way. So choose your exercise clothes properly. Choose clothes that fit your workout. For example, if you are doing arm exercises wear a short sleeve T-shirt. This will make it easy to do the exercise and will also motivate you as you watch the muscle pump. If you are just starting out shorts should be okay since you are doing light lifting. Trousers are important if you are going to be doing dead lifts or heavy weights.

Footwear and socks are also very important. Shoes support your ankles preventing injuries and feet and help transfer the loads to the ground. Socks absorb the sweat and cushion the feet preventing blisters during intensive workouts. If you are a jogger always wear sun screen. Excessive exposure to the sun will cause cancer. In winters wear clothes that will keep you warm. Do not be under the impression that once you start jogging your body will warm up. It will warm up, but the sweat will not evaporate and cause you to catch a cold bringing an end to your morning jogs.

Many people choose to run in the night time. The reasons could be varied. Maybe you are not a morning person or maybe you need to get to work early. Whatever the reason if you are going to be running in the night be sure to wear jogging clothes that have reflective patches on them. The patches on your shoes are not enough. Patches on your clothes will help you be noticed more easily and just might save your life. The human eye is attracted to light and motion. Invest in a headlamp. This will make you more visible and also illuminate your path.

An mp3 player will help keep your mind busy while you run or workout. The gym will most likely have music playing so you do not need it there. Music becomes repetitive and tedious to listen to after sometime no matter how good your playlist. You can download and listen to audio books while you are running. This serves a dual purpose because you are working out as well as reading a book at the same time. A lot of people retain more material if they hear it. This is probably why we need to study out loud and remember songs so well.

And remember clothing is not a substitute for a good workout but something to help you through it.