The Hiking Trail For The Sweetwater White

The Hiking Trail For The Sweetwater White

The whole length of this trail is 3 miles and this historic trail is also known as the Sweetwater Creek White Non-game Wildlife Trail. The area features nearby campgrounds and water fall cascades and rapids. The pathway on this trail comes across a tributary of Jack’s Hill Lake and then meets a junction with the Sweetwater Creek Blue Trail. From that and just a short distance after, the treadway then meets up with the Sweetwater Red Historic Trail in which all Sweetwater Trails end up at the observation deck at Sweetwater Creek.

At the right section of the Visitors Center at the end of the parking lot, the trail head of the Sweetwater Creek White Non-game Wildlife Trail initially follows an old road onto a forested area. From that point, the pathway passes by a picnic area where it proceeds near a pavilion. The treadway then moves back into the forest as it crosses a couple of paved roads. The trail starts its traverse to the southern section of the Georgia State Park to the Jack’s Hill Environmental Education Area. Along the trail, it is common to see a red-bellied woodpecker or a white-tail deer.

The treadway then continues and at approximately 1.2 miles, the path curves right and at just a short distance the trail swerves left. The path then climbs back into the forest reaching a high point on this trail before it proceeds to a four-way intersection. Continue to take a left as the pathway ascends easily onto a hill wherein the footpath heads another left turn. A change in the trail then takes place immediately at this turn as the path becomes rocky and then immediately descends into the Sweetwater Creek river valley.

It then meanders around the peak where some embankments stands high that signifies a dip on this mountain peak. After this section, the Sweetwater White Trail follows an easy footpath onto a valley to your left. The path continues to a tributary making a steeper traverse this time and about midway across the dam, the trail swerves to the left. Continue to descent onto a series of wooden steps approaching a hardwood forest.

The water cascading downstream now makes an overpowering sound as you get closer to the Sweetwater Creek’s focal point. Make a left turn after joining the river and then proceed to a climb as the path stays close to the stream. Marking 3 miles on this trail, the path now approaches a wooden staircase that leads you up to a steep climb up to an intersection. From here the Sweetwater White Trail meets up with the Sweetwater Blue. On you right, proceed to the observation deck where the trail ends.