The Easiest Diet to Follow

The Easiest Diet to Follow

The truth is there is no diet or weight loss plan that is effortless. The foods we eat in today’s fast, prepackaged world are certainly not optimal for our health or our figures, but they are foods we have become accustomed to eating, many of them contain unnatural chemicals, and the hard fact is we are addicted, in the same way a smoker is addicted to nicotine or a drinker to alcohol.

To change our eating habits overnight, is not feasible, and we are extremely unlikely to succeed. Sadly every time we fail reinforces our belief that we are weak and not able to stick to a diet and lose weight.

Anyone who has successfully changed a bad habit will tell you it did not happen overnight. First of all, we must realize the bad habit exists! Secondly we have to come up with a do-able plan, and take things in small steps.

We will have setbacks and we will have bad days – we have to accept this is simply part of the process, and not a flaw in our characters. Weight loss and regaining good health is not a race, it is a journey, a journey we embark on every day until we meet our destination.

If we had spent our lives eating only one ingredient foods, we would not be overweight and as a race we would not be suffering from many of the common ailments that inflict us today. Countries that eat less processed foods, and stick to the one ingredient meal suffer far less incident of diabetes, cancer and other life threatening diseases that are common in the Western world.

So what is a one ingredient meal?

Basically it is a meal made up of foods that only contain one ingredient. Usually one ingredient foods do not have labels. Examples of one ingredient foods are salmon, sardines, apples, potatoes, tomatoes, almonds, oranges, etc.

You can eat as many, and as much of one ingredient foods at any meal as you desire. There is no need to count calories, portion size or fat content.

If you doubt this to be true, simply try it for three days and see how you feel! I can guarantee you will lose at least 4lbs in three days.