The Danger of Crash Diets – Why Crazy Diet Plans May Harm You

The Danger of Crash Diets – Why Crazy Diet Plans May Harm You

Often people remember to lose weight only when they have a very short period of time to do so, like before a reunion or a wedding. This leads people to try crash diets: weight loss programs which make you eat very little in order to generate a fast and furious weight loss. While this may be just what you want to achieve, know that these crazy diets may cause you long term health damage and even disrupt your long term weight loss efforts.

Why can crash diets actually be bad for your long term weight loss efforts?

The reason is metabolic slowdown. When you cut down your calorie intake drastically, your body reacts by burning less and less calories. This is an internal survival mechanism which has developed over the course of our existence since the time when our forefathers lived in the wild and food was scarce. Our body doesn’t realize that you’re dieting. It believes that you’re starving and in fact have no choice in the matter.

What your body does to protect you when you use crash diets is to slow down your metabolism so that you burn fewer and fewer calories each day. This means that you need to eat fewer and fewer calories to continue losing weight since you’re burning a lot less as well. It also means that once you stop following this crash diet and begin eating normally again, that you may gain all the weight back and more.

This wouldn’t have happened if you followed a more sensible diet plan with a more gradual weight loss.

In addition, going on one of these low calorie ultra-strict crazy diet plans may cause you health damage in the form of fatigue, skin damage, irritability, hair loss, and simply make you look tired, unenergetic, and even ill. This may not be the kind of look you wish to have when you get to your event.

Therefore, I recommend sticking to a more sensible weight loss plan. You can still lose weight fast, just not crazy-fast. You will look better and be able to more easily maintain your new weight for many years to come.