The advantages of miron glass


Packaging products well is very important for your business. This is because customers place a lot of value on the packaging of a product. For example, customers look at the durability of a package, but also at its quality. Many companies still use plastic packaging, but this is of course bad for the environment. Glass packaging is a very good solution, and more and more companies are switching to glass. Violet glass is also hugely popular these days, and this is because it has many advantages. Violet glass from miron glass is becoming increasingly popular, and this is not only because of its violet colour. Do you want to know exactly what the advantages are? In this article, we will tell you more about it, so you can find out all about it.

The benefits

There are many advantages to the violet glass of miron glass. This is also why many companies use it as glass packaging. Firstly, violet glass protects better against light and extends the shelf life of a product. As a company, you can save on replacing contents this way. It is also very convenient for customers, and they do not have to throw away the product. Besides, the glass also extends the potency power and can improve the smell of the product. The glass offers very high natural preservation, and this is something that appeals to many companies. This is because violet is the only colour of glass that filters all visible sunlight and allows only UVA light. This combination of filtering provides the optimum protection against ageing processes.

Do you want to package cosmetic products? Then it is definitely advisable to use violet glass packaging from miron glass. This way, you can be sure that the product is preserved in the right way.

Order online

Would you like to buy miron glass packaging for packaging your products? Then it is important to buy the right glass bottles, and this can sometimes be difficult. This is because the supply is huge, and the bottles can differ a lot from each other. It is essential to compare these bottles so that you can choose the right glass packaging for the product you want to package. Therefore, take a good look at miron glass’s website and look for wholesale glass dropper bottles, for example. These are small bottles with a special cap, which is ideal for oils, for example.