Ten Tips for a Stress Free Life

Ten Tips for a Stress Free Life

Stress is more likely to topple you, if you’re not taking care of yourself. Put yourself first. These ten tips can help you stay on course:

1. Make time for yourself. Learn to relax for half hour daily. That will bring relief from chronic stress. Listen to the music you like, draw pictures or paint or dance. I often sit in my backyard and watch the birds eat and drink. Observing nature relaxes you. Just drive to a distance and learn to appreciate mountains or water. Read a book of interest in that atmosphere. Explore and do what works best for you.

2. Learn to relax: Take a deep breath. Close one nostril and breath through the other for 15 seconds, hold the air for 15 seconds and release through the same nostril for 15 seconds. Do this seven times through one nostril and repeat with the other. This will enhance the oxygen in your lungs by means of deep breathing.

3. Observe your thoughts. Avoid negative thought like ‘ I am hurt, someone said this or I have lost my job what will happen to my future, children are not doing well, my health is not good;. On the contrary encourage positive thoughts in your mind by sayings the same as ‘I am not hurt, this is part of the game, people have their own opinions, or I need this break and I should be alright in the future, my children are children they will get better. My health will improve when I eat right, exercise’. Your thoughts are in your control. Learn to manage your thoughts.

4. Exercise regularly. Exercise can help keep depression and anxiety at a distance. Just 30 minutes a day benefits the body and the mind. Regular walking, water aerobics, swimming helps your entire body.

5. Eat right. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can give you more energy to keep stress under control. People tell you about protein. It is available in plenty in beans. Soak them, sprout them and cook them. try a vegan diet. High powered animals like horses, elephants eat grass. Don’t just believe in caffeinated drinks. They do not give sustained energy.

6. Be proactive. Expect challenges and be prepared to handle them. Whatever challenge you face, being prepared helps you face stressful situations with confidence.

7. Laugh a lot. Humor is a great way to relieve stress. People who live alone do not have that much opportunity to laugh. Watch comedy programs in TV, join the humor club or play with your neighbor’s children. Laughter releases endorphins that help you feel better and maintain a positive attitude. When you need extra help.

8. Manage your time. Do what you can with what you have at any given time. Do not over exert yourself. read my article on Time management with ideas to follow.

9. Find support groups: Plenty of books, websites and support groups are dedicated to helping people get through tough times. Find out and join them Share your challenges with friends, an outside perspective makes all the difference. Believe a higher power is running the show. Spirituality also helps to handle stress.

10. Never whine. Do not complain or whine. Things happen and they happen for a reason. Learn to accept them. Do not let situations or people pull you down. Accept life as it comes and you will experience less stress.

Stress is a part of life and we cannot eliminate it. Sharpen your right tools to keep stress from taking over your life. Use them on a regular basis and don’t let them rust. When you strictly follow these, you will experience a peaceful, stress free life. Nothing, absolutely nothing can shake you.