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Politics – The Individual Or the State? God, Liberty, E. Pluribus Unum, Anybody?

To the credit of President Barak H. Obama, he was not kidding about his promise to fundamentally transform the United States of America and is working at lightening speed to achieve unprecedented changes as seen never before, to turn the USA into an unrecognizable Nation that the average American has never even fathomed before! The goal of eliminating all individual liberties is under way for the benefit of absolute power for the President, various Global elitists and select Progressive, Socialist and Marxist intellectuals with in a select crowd of perpetrators and the end result will be a conclusion of a Global Lords over surfs as a governmental equation by design, should the Constitutional Republic perish by their massive and constant legislative endeavors.
Individual liberties are fodder to the Progressive machines agenda and will be chewed up and disregarded as the Progressive agenda advances. The 2700+ page health care reform bill addresses much more than just providing health care to those who do not have it, but commands absolute control over all American’s everyday lives by giving complete access of all American’s personal financial holdings by the Federal Government, whether it be accessing banking or investing accounts and gives the Federal Government unconstitutional powers to remove funds at will, if desired by the Federal Government to do so. An end to any financial privacy for any individual in the USA is achieved with the passage of the extremely intrusive health care reform legislation. The Federal Government will also take over 100% control in issuing higher education loans to secondary education students, which is an ear mark that was discovered inside of the health care reform legislation. Besides the fact that rationing of health care services will occur and to the fact that intrusive unconstitutional penalties will be leveraged upon individuals who decline to gain and pay for care, what the unconstitutional health care reform legislation is really about is absolute authoritarian control by the Federal Government over all individuals who reside in the USA, with exception to the fact that illegal immigrants who break our immigration laws will just be covered for free by the American taxpayer. The health care reform bill is less about over all health care and is more about subjugation of the American individual by the Federal Government and should receive immediate consideration to advance Usurpation measures as granted to the American people in the U.S. Constitution. Usurpation is the unauthorized, unlawful exercise of power not expressed or granted in the U.S. Constitution and whenever a person, department or branch of the government (federal, state, or local) usurps, they assume undelegated powers and are therefore acting outside the law. Any legislation advanced outside of the parameters of the law, is therefore null and void.
Further intrusions of individual liberties are under way through the advancement of cap and trade legislation, which passed in the House of Representatives on Friday June 18th, 2010. Should the cap and trade legislation pass in the Senate at a later date, then utility bills through out the country will sky rocket, effectively damaging the individual consumers buying power in the over all economy and will of course also lead to the elimination of hundreds of thousands of jobs so that corrupt politicians can make a fortune in private business holdings that would support the proposed new “green economy” that has already proven to be a failure in Spain, which created a ridiculous 18.1% National unemployment rate there and has led to Australia to change course in not pursuing a “green economy”, due to the well known guaranteed negative economic impact that cap and trade will create. Should cap and trade become enacted into law in the United States, then with the known automatic negative economic impact that the legislation will create; a result of countless additional “currently employed” Americans will become reliant on the Federal Government for welfare and food stamps, which of course has to be a part of the over all evil Progressive plan to retain absolute control over the individual through out the Nation to secure power at future ballots. This is merely a planned cyclical Progressive process to retain power and control at the expense of individual liberties. Desperate people will seek desperate measures to survive and get by, which the Progressives clearly understand, which is why they enjoy to purposely create an economic depression by design.
The evil anti American Progressives also seek to eliminate the Second Amendment by signing UN agreements behind the scenes in obscurity and by continually trying to advance the H.R. 45 (Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009) to target all gun owners in the U.S.A. The evil anti American Progressive strategy is very much so quite simple. A constant advancement to make it a royal pain in …