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How to Get a Free Advance Health Care Directive in California

Free Health Care Directive for Californians!
People usually forget that estate planning involves much more than wills and trusts.
Part of any solid estate plan, the Directive allows your chosen agent(s) to make health care decisions for you if you can’t do so yourself!
In some states, it is still called a “Living Will” which is probably why many people confuse it with a “Living Trust.” In California, the “living will” is now called an Advance Health Care Directive. I provide my clients with a VERY robust and comprehensive document.
Some online companies and paralegal services will sell you an Advance Health Care Directive, but what they are actually providing you is something you can get for free! That’s California Probate Code already provides a free Health Care Directive in section 4701 of the code. The reason some places sell this form to you is because they are NOT allowed to practice can only provide you with the entry-level form. While the form in the code has its shortcomings, and is indeed “entry level,” it is better than nothing.
If you don’t have a solid directive, and you haven’t done an estate plan, then at the very least, you can get the FREE one and fill it out yourself.
Here is how you can get the FREE entry level form:
1. Go to the California Attorney General’s website at
2. In the top right, you will find a search box
3. In the search box, type “advance health care directive”
4. The first result should be California’s FREE entry level form that you can fill out online. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully!
If you want something more robust or a more complete estate plan that will provide you and your family with MUCH more protections, please feel free to call my office and make an appointment. You will be glad you did.
Please forward this email to friends, colleagues, and family that might find it helpful.…

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Small Business Requirements and California Healthcare Insurance Considered

If you run a small or medium sized business you are the back-bone of our economy. Of course, with that incredible position, there are some responsibilities too. There are certain things you need to know, and be aware of when it comes to small business health care insurance in CA, such as tax incentives and penalty fees depending on the size of your payroll and number of employees if you choose not to cover health insurance for your employees.
California small business healthcare insurance and California small group insurance can be a good incentive for employees and the benefits they desire. By providing this insurance, you will improve the quality and productivity of your workforce and prevent excessive turn-over. Yes, it can be costly at times, and that’s why it’s important to look at all the options and get a plan that makes sense for your company.
Additionally, you may decide to use “carve-out” options in the policy, as an incentive for employees during their probationary period to maintain peak performance and productivity until they reach a point they may be added to the company policy. You might also wish to do this for executives or owners with individual health insurance policies already in place.
There are several ways to set up these group insurance policies and small business healthcare insurance plans in the California which can help you strategically, while maximizing your coverage and minimizing your risks and monthly premium expenses for your company health insurance requirements. After all, every business needs to watch costs and maximize profits to stay in business.
When it comes to the most common type of health care coverage; California private health insurance plans, and CA individual healthcare insurance it is quite common to create a policy that offers affordability and brings a bit of frugality to the equation. After all, affordable healthcare insurance is the primary goal; that is to say the lowest premiums for health insurance in California, reasonable co-pays, and maximum coverage.
There are many tactics we can employ to get this done. Some folks are okay with just catastrophic coverage, which usually means a higher deductible, along with very low premiums. If you are of substantial personal financial strength perhaps an HSA or health savings account might be wise. There might even be tax advantages for you to set up a Health Savings Account (HSA).
You can set up an HSA for your California family health insurance or your IL individual health insurance plan. Or, you might find it beneficial to consider ways to use such strategies in a private health plan in California or as part of your Medigap strategy. We can help with all these things, as we are your California health insurance specialists.
Your goal is to approach your health insurance needs with a strategic mindset to minimize risk and premium costs while taking advantage of tax incentives and benefits without sacrificing coverage. If you are a small business in CA, health insurance plans are on your mind, and you are not alone. Hundreds of millions of Americans and 30 million small businesses are also thinking here, many are worried, and uncertain about the future. That’s why you must do your homework and due diligence.
Many of the new rules for ObamaCare are very complex and have phase-ins between now and 2014, you need to know what is going on. So, you should call your local health care insurance broker for a small business guide and then ask them to help you through the process. Please consider all this.…