Swimming – A Refreshing Exercise

Swimming – A Refreshing Exercise

Unlike many other work outs, swimming is a refreshing exercise on account of its unique, distinguishing features. All the exercises, including swimming, generate heat but not all of them have an in built system to cool your body or wipe your perspiration and to continually keep you clear of the consequent odorous perspiration. It is an established fact that water cooling; as in swimming is superior to air cooling; as in jogging, hence it is most prevalent in auto designs too.

Another unique feature of this exercise is that, water becomes your confidante, and your soul mate that can freely touch all of your senses and body, while you swim. Charlie Chaplain, the funniest person once spoke; perhaps the saddest words, that, “I like to walk in rain, so no one can see my tears.” Rain factor is beyond our control but to plan for swimming at our own will is very much within our means and reach.

Will, is the only prerequisite to learn how to swim. Where there is will there is way. You can start learning about the swimming basics right during the course of this reading. However it is said that ‘well begun, is half done’. So to begin, the best way is to start under guidance of a swimming coach who in the very beginning shall let you know about the swimming costume, the need for goggles, other swimming accessories and the protocol to be observed.

Cleanliness of the swimming pool water is more than a word. It has to be absolutely free of any disease causing microbes. Usually chlorine, bromine, ozone or their combination at safe dosage level is used as disinfectant. New entrants are always afraid of water but once they learn the basic swimming and become acquainted to it, they start enjoying and develop a unique type of friendship with water.

Friendship with water is a very refreshing experience and this is why the swimmers always get attracted to this sport and for most of the swimmers it is a lifelong experience. A swimmer’s fitness is considered ideal. Another unique parameter of this sport is that, it is not strenuous. Water tends to lift the body therefore underwater, one feels noticeably light. It is therefore recommended even for senior citizens who can move their joints more easily and can improve their wellness.

Swimming is recommended as a lifelong exercise on account of its health benefits, recognized by health authorities all over the world. What smoking is to the lungs, swimming is absolutely not to them, and it is the least of the swimming benefits.

Another very important but lesser proclaimed aspect of swimming is that it brings a pleasant change to our sometimes prolonged monotonous life.

Absolute silence is non existent in this world and it would have been unbearable if ever it existed. When we say that we visit a beach in search of tranquility and an environment, free of noise pollution, we really mean to say that we intend to search a different noise, like the noise of waves instead of the auto traffic noise. When you are underwater, you experience a different noise level; a tranquil and refreshing experience indeed.

By: Zubair Tahir