Running – The Best Form of Exercise to Lose Weight

Running – The Best Form of Exercise to Lose Weight

Running is regarded as the best from of exercise if you are trying to lose weight. However, to successfully use this form of simple exercise to lose pounds and inches you need to know how to implement the right form of training program and how to schedule it into your life so it becomes a natural part of your daily lifestyle.

The most efficient form of running is interval training or alternate training sessions that makes use of a few minutes of intensive running activity and then followed by periods of slower and more relaxing forms of exercise.

For instance, you can use a fast paced running activity for 5 minutes followed by brisk walking for 15 minutes. Then this cycle is repeated again once or twice. This pattern of intense activity followed by periods of relaxation can give you the best kind of fat burning workout to lose weight fast.

You can start off with a smaller goal such as an intensive running activity for half a minute before you stop and walk for 5 minute and then repeat the cycle again. Each time the cycle is repeated, your body would get activated and force your metabolism to run high to compensate for the rapid burning of calories during the intense activity.

The most effective way is to run along a road or a jogging track; you won’t be able to achieve this if you use your treadmill. Treadmill forces you to use you fat storage as energy while proper running along a steady path makes use of your entire body mass.

Running is perfect if you have a toned body and are looking to drop just a few extra pounds. If you are severely overweight, running can cause you to suffer from joint pain; your ligament can get injured by the impact caused by the running motion.