Pole Dance Your Way to a Great Body

Pole Dance Your Way to a Great Body

Pole dancing isn’t the most conventional way to exercise but if you would like to try something different and incredible fun then find your local class now. Don’t worry about age, size or shape as these factors do not matter when taking part in this exercise. There is no better way to get fit, tone up and have a great time than with pole dancing.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that this is an exercise is only for women involving erotic dancing – which in a group situation may make you feel uncomfortable. Pole dancing is an up and coming form of exercise which doesn’t involve taking your clothes off, but learning basic moves including twirling, spinning, climbing the pole and static posed moves. It all looks and sounds very easy, but this is a very physical exercise which will work on your core strength, upper body and legs.

The classes are not intended to train you to be a professional pole dancer but to welcome you to the exercises and to help you get fit, tone up, burn calories, increase your flexibility and improve your posture as well as improving your confidence and meeting people with a similar interest.

Benefits of Exercise

There are many benefits to this exercise which should inspire you try this out: You can burn as many as 250 calories in an hour long class, which is equivalent to a good gym session, but much more fun.

After just a few classes you will begin to notice an increase in your strength and also in muscle definition of you bottom, arms, thighs and stomach. Many of the moves require you to put your body weight onto your arms or legs for support which becomes easier the more often you attend the classes – it is definitely worth it! Coming up the to the winter it does get harder to get motivated and exercise.

Pole dancing is an indoor sport and it won’t be long into the class until you are warmed up and have forgotten about the cold outside. Plus physical exertion releases endorphins making you feel happy and energetic.

It is entirely up to the individual what they wear for pole dancing, but shorts and a t-shirt/vest are the best items to wear. You will need bare legs to be able to grip the pole, other wise you will just slide off. Foot wear is not essential, but trainers can be worn during the warm up and heels for the pole dancing if you wish.

The main thing to remember about pole dancing is that it is fun, it is hard but it does get you fit. depending on your own personal fitness goals, you may want to continue using the gym or attend yoga / stretch classes to further improve your fitness.

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