Pink V Blue – Will The Traditional Baby Colors For The Sexes Last?


During the last several decades, many gender stereotypes have been eliminated. But there is still at least one that stands strong without any indication that it is going anywhere soon – pink v. blue. Of course, what I mean by pink v. blue is baby girls wear pink and baby boys wear blue. So while we think nothing of girls playing ball and boys dressing up, are you willing to put your baby boy in a pink outfit? Probably not. Most parents are actually willing to dress baby girls in blue.
Pink for girls and blue for boys is so ingrained in our society that anyone who sees a baby in blue assumes the baby is a boy, and likewise, assumes babies dressed in pink are girls. There is nothing wrong with these assumptions, until, of course, you decide to dress your baby girl in blue. Remember that there are many baby colors other than pink and blue. White, pale yellow and pale green are excellent choices for babies, male and female.
There is some question about whether a girl becoming obsessed with pink will hinder the development of her personality. What your baby wears has little impact on whether your daughter will be a tom-boy or girly girl. It is true that as they get older, girly girls wear more clothes that are pink than tom-boys do.
Basically, what a baby wears has nothing to do with the baby’s personality. Why? Well obviously the baby has no choice in what he or she wears – mom and dad do the buying and dressing. So if you want to see your daughter in pink, by all means, dress her in pink. If you want to see your son in manly colors like blue, dress him in blue. On the other hand, if you hate pink, do not dress your daughter in pink.
If you find yourself buying a baby gift for a friend or acquaintance and you know the sex of the baby, it is perfectly acceptable to buy pink for girls and blue for boys. Most any parent will dress a girl in pink and boy in blue even if the color is not his or her favorite. But, in the end, it’s the parents’ decision what baby wears, at least until he or she is old enough to voice an opinion. That’s when the real fun starts.

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