Physiology – Go Wireless

Physiology – Go Wireless

Recording and analysis of physiological data from active subjects had been used for a long time in many applications of human physiology, sports, clinical and research. The data gathered by such recordings has played a vital role in all above applications and resulted in thousands of new discoveries, product development, improvement and even human performance enhancement.

However, the methodology of gathering such data has come a long way and been improved, discussed and highly scrutinized over years. Recording data from conscious and freely moving subjects has evolved as biggest challenge for scientist, system developers and engineers lately. Also, there are debates on the conventional way of recording data that such method induce stress to the subjects and is affected by lots of interference and noises due to the wires and electrodes used in such measurement.

A new technology of recording data wireless has been evolving fast in recent past and great amount of research and development effort is being applied on this. Different product developers are working on different spectrum’s of data transmissions and there is a race among them to build the smallest possible wireless transmitters.

Such systems are going to bring a revolution is the field of physiological data recording and will contribute in a big way to better the science and research. Now it will be possible to record a data that will be free from interferences and stress related errors. This will fasten the pace of research and we can expect new breakthroughs, new medicines for sleep disorders, cardiovascular disorders and much more.

A few groups of system engineers is even working on miniature sensors that can be embedded in clothes and thus no requirement of sticking the wireless sensors to the body just wearing clothes embedded with sensors will be sufficient. The subject will not be able to feel any difference while recordings are beings sent from his body to the computers wireless through air. This will be like every medical professionals dream coming true.

Imagine activity log of a child being recorded and rewards being given out automatically when the child meets the required amount of physical activity. This kind of technology will be highly appreciated by parents and make life lot easy for them.

Also, a few applications that can run on your mobile phones using ANDROID are available, these software will change the way patients are being monitored for ever. The physiological data i.e. blood pressure, pulse, ECG, EEG and more from patients will be recorded on the mobile phones and a log will be created automatically for evaluation by a medical practitioner later.