Penis Enlargement – Fact Or Fiction

Penis Enlargement – Fact Or Fiction

A couple of inches would really make a very big difference to a lot of men. But is it really possible to enlarge the penis? Yes is the short answer. It has been scientifically proven that natural penis enlargement is possible, not by using pills or pumps or some other gizmo, but just a pair of hands.

To be honest, we have all seen those crazy looking adverts, or read some unbelievable article, making extraordinary claims, about how much you can enlarge your penis by. But is it possible to separate fact from fiction?

Many men get caught out by all the hype that advertisements can throw at them, but it would be to easy to blame those ridiculous claims that these adverts make. Rather the men who buy into the hype should ask themselves how desperate do they have to be before they smell the point is people will do anything to buy into a dream.

Is the dream of penis enlargement mainly fiction? No! the fact of the matter is this, by performing a series of exercises on a daily basis, penis growth will take place. Tests have shown that men who practice these exercises do in fact make gains of no less than an inch.

Chambers in your penis inflate with blood, and the penis becomes erect. Now just like any muscle in your body, if stretched or pressurized, cells will regenerate and the muscle becomes bigger. This will give you bigger and more powerful erections.

There are a number of techniques to try when performing a “penis enlargement exercise” so take your time and don’t be surprised if you gain at least an inch within weeks of trying them. Skeptical? No I don’t blame you, until you try an exercise for yourself, you should be. It’s like anything in life, you get out what you are only prepared to put in.