Obesity In Our Young

Obesity In Our Young

Before Fast Food

Do you remember waking up in the morning to a nice breakfast and a brown bag or lunch box full of good wholesome food. Do you remember coming home to dinner on the table? The smell as you would walk to the door, would draw you in with the wonderful aroma of a home cooked meal. By the way, you didn’t drive actually walked.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today, heat up a quick meal in the microwave (while never reading a nutritional label, that would spell out how many arteries your are about to clog), running out the door to hurry off to school with money in hand to buy chips, soda and a candy bar and other artery clogging foods with the calorie counts that probably exceeds the span of the Lincoln Tunnel in New York. Meanwhile, school is out and you ride back home with a stop off at your local fast food joint for more artery clogging food.

Life sure has changed…..

1500 calories a just increased to over obese epidemic in our young has evolved.

What happened? Mom’s for the most part are no longer staying home, the economy as well as equal rights have moved them to the workplace, which in turn leaves less time for cooking and hence we rely on the fast food alternatives. All for the sake of we are using to kill our we are using to teach children that the world has changed and its OK to be fat. Its OK to eat the junk because I don’t have time for you.

Its ok, because we ourselves now live that same life in the world of fatty foods. We need to be more active, get our children outside to run and play; teach them how to foods are good for them and don’t make fast food so accessible. Let it be a treat, not a habit or an expectation.

Guess are need to make time and make a difference. If not, we are sending the wrong message and our children will die a slow death in the world of fast food and the world of obesity and the stigma that brings!

Stay Healthy.