Lose Weight Fast Diet – With the Help of Atkins Diet


Lose Weight Fast Diet – With the Help of Atkins Diet

The desire to lose weight fast can be achieved through Atkins Diet. Atkins diet is a systematic diet plan that involves phases. Dr. Robert C. Atkins is the proponent of this plan. It was originally thought out to fight off diseases and ultimately lose the excess pounds away.

Basically, Atkins diet involves a restriction on the overall carbohydrate intake of a person. It is through this process that the body is able to burn fat hence resulting to weight loss. It also facilitates the normal production of insulin.

To lose weight fast with the aid of Atkins Diet is a systematic process. This feat can be achieved through several phases.

Phase One- The Induction Phase

This phase usually last for 14 days. Food restriction particularly on carbohydrates is maintained to limit the body with at least 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. This contributes to the ketosis state of the body. It is during ketosis that the body tends to burn the fats instead of the calories. It is during this phase that weight loss take place very swiftly.

Phase Two- Ongoing Weight Loss

This phase is where carbohydrate-rich food is slowly added to the meal plan in the successive weeks to follow. Hence, on the 2nd week, average carbohydrate intake must be 25 grams; 3rd week 30 grams and so on until the weight loss stops. When the weight loss has stopped, subtract another five from the average carbohydrate intake. One can make use of Atkins shakes and nutritious bars that may serve as meal replacement. These foods are manufactured to replace regular foods throughout your diet.

Phase Three- Pre Maintenance Phase

In this phase, the goal is the maintenance of your weight. Done is the weight loss agenda. You can now start increasing the daily carbohydrate intake to ten grams every week. Start eating starchy vegetables, fruits and legumes.

Phase Four – Maintenance Phase

This final phase is meant to maintain the desired weight of the dieter. Those who have adhered to the Atkins diet must stick to this phase in order to maintain their present weight. One can determine the quantity of carbohydrates in his intake by computing the ACE or the Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium. Stick with your ACE in order to ensure that you maintain normal body weight.

It helps if you weigh yourself once a week to see if you have gained weight already or is experiencing fluctuations in your body weight. Make the Atkins Lifestyle Food Guide serve as a standard for you to choose acceptable and recommended foods. Remember that any diet is useless without exercising regularly.

In all the phases of the Atkins diet, the dieter must always see to it that he drink water at least eight glasses a day.

If you want to lose weight fast with Atkins diet, then it is highly advisable that you adjust with the lifestyle changes associated with it. Careful meal planning, exercise and strict adherence to the plan all contribute to having a normal body weight.