Learn The Right Diet For Your Chihuahua


Learn The Right Diet For Your Chihuahua

People owning dogs for the first time may be confused as to the right diet for their Chihuahua. These dogs despite their small size are very active and use a lot of energy. This means that they need to be fed properly. The animal can burn more calories than a dog that is much heavier. Thus they need to be fed right to maintain the energy levels in the body.

Like any animal the dogs need some nutrition that will help them maintain good health and be energetic all through their life. Even their tiny frame they have special nutritional requirements that need to be observed to ensure they are healthy. Some dog owners ignore the dietary needs of their pets and end up with unhealthy pets.

The dog should not be overfed which leads to being overweight. The right weight for the pet should be maintained at all times. Unfortunately dog owners are very likely to spoil their pets. They do this by rewarding the dogs with bits of food at irregular times instead of following a predetermined feeding schedule. Despite their tiny size the dogs are full of life and they may appear to be actually bigger. The owners buy into the bravado they portray and provide more food than they actually need for healthy living. This has led to the problem of obesity in the pets that is so common among many pets.

The tiny pets can live on very little food unlike larger dogs. This is lost among many people who own the tiny breed of dogs. Larger dogs require much more food while the small ones can survive on a small amount per day. The most important thing is that the food they are fed is healthy. Scraps from the family table should not form part of the meal dog for the. They should be avoided totally. The reason for this abstinence is that such food is meant for humans and not the tiny dogs that have different nutritional requirements. Such food has more harm than benefits to the pet.

If the dog is fed poorly as a puppy it might develop problems when it grows bigger. Some of the issues that emanate from such a situation include obesity, poor bone development, rickets and skin problem. To have a healthy dog its diet should be observed since all through its life.A poor diet interferes with the animals fat composition in the body. This is the starting point of health problems in the dog. Those dogs which are not fed in the right way often develop health issues later in life. Some dogs are able to regulate their diet but others will eat anything they come across.

Owners need to observe how disciplined their pets are and step in to regulate the feeding. If this is not done the health of the dog will be jeopardized and take away the fun that comes with owning a pet. A dog owner should ensure the health of the pet by giving it the right diet for his/her Chihuahua.