Is There an Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Is There an Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What is gastric bypass surgery and what does it do.  Gastric bypass surgery is just one type of surgery that may be used to cause significant weight loss.  To become eligible for this surgery, you must be deemed morbidly obese.  And what is morbidly obese?  Well, there are several different categories that medical professionals look at when determining if you are termed morbidly obese.  Ask your self these four questions:

Are you more than 100 lbs. over your acceptable body weight?

Do you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 41 or highter?

If your Body Mass Index is 36 or higher, do you have any other health issues such as Type II Diabetes or High Blood Pressure?

Have you been on any medically supervised diets and still have not been able to lose weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than you really need to think about making a change in your life. 

Some of us have been at both ends of the spectrum, like me, so I DO know how you feel.  I’ve had the days where I don’t want to even go out of the house because I don’t want to try to find something to wear.  I understand what It’s like to get an invitation to something, anything and the very first thought is, “how much weight can I lose by then”?

This is absolutely no way to go through life.

So is surgery the answer?  It can be because gastric bypass surgery reduced the number of calories you are consuming every day.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.  When you reduce the number of calories being consumed, you lose weight.

One pound of weight loss means you need to reduct your calories by 3500.  Ouch.  That really does seem like a lot.

So, to lose 50 lbs, you would have to consume Zero calories for 50 days.  Well, we know that’s not practicle.  But let’s say, your ideal weight is 150 lbs.  That equates to your body requiring only 1500 calories per day.  It’s a very simple mathematical equation.  Just take your ideal weight and multiply it by 10.  And there you have it, the number of calories you need to consume daily to maintain an ideal weight of 150 lbs.  So if you reduce your caloric intake from 3500 to 1500, you will lose the weight.  How quickly depends on several key factors

How much weight you have to lose

How much you are decreasing your caloric intake

How muhc do you want to exercies.

So this is why gastric bypass is such a popular alternative.  People and professionals know that dieting doesn’t work.I know that and you know that. We know that if you want to lose weight, we just have to reduce the number of calories we are putting into our bodys each and every day.

The surgery reduces your body’s intake of calories. Calorie reduction is accomplished and voila!  The weight begins to fall off.

But what if you could have all this without all the negatives of the surgery:

no down time

no recovery time

no pain

no fighting with insurance companies

no prescriptions

the ability to begin an very modest exercise program immediately

no high priced procedures

There is a way.  The knife is not your only solution.  There is a solution that mimics the surgery and takes a total of 15 seconds each day.