Is It Effective To Use Testosterone To Improve Your Sex Drive?

We can all agree that men tend to experience lower sex drive as time goes by, which is a physiology factor that comes with aging.

One of the biggest reasons for this particular process depends on testosterone that boosts muscle mass, bone density, sperm production, as well as sexual desire.

You should remember that its levels tend to peak when you reach the age of thirty, and in the next years, you may experience less interest in sex than before.

The low sex drive leads to numerous potential issues, including an inability to maintain an intimate relationship to a point when it can cause mental problems such as depression and high levels of anxiety.

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Let us start from the beginning.

The Importance of Testosterone for Wellbeing

It is essential to understand that both estrogen and testosterone are the primary sex hormones that affect other processes as well.

Therefore, both women and men produce testosterone, but men require them more for overall sex drive, while women produce more estrogen on the other hand.

Have in mind that testosterone tends to support male physical attributes such as the growth of male sex organs, broader shoulders, facial hair growth, as well as dense muscle development.

Generally, the excitement that comes with sexual desire happens when the levels of testosterone rise. Of course, other factors are important too, but usually, it is an essential hormone, especially for men.

It is vital to remember that its levels tend to fluctuate throughout the day. Some people feel more excitable when the levels are highest, which happens in the mornings. The levels vary throughout the day, so you should know that the levels change over the years.

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, it tends to decline when you reach thirty years old. It means that you will have fewer interests in sex life as well as less firm erections and muscle tone than before.

Apart from aging, other factors can cause low levels of testosterone, including:

  • Inflammatory diseases
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Cancer treatment
  • Injury to testicles

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Should You Consider Taking Supplements?

Remember that consuming testosterone supplements will help you maintain the levels and treat numerous conditions that you experience and have. For instance, hypogonadism is a common condition that affects both young and older males.

Generally, the disease affects the body’s production of testosterone, which is why supplementation is the best way to achieve particular levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sex life.

Back in the day, when people started using testosterone supplements, they created further issues, especially if they were prone to cardiovascular problems. One study shows that if old adults use this particular supplement, they will increase the chances of getting heart problems.

At the same time, similarly to other supplements, this specific therapy comes with particular side effects that you may consider along the way. This is highly important to remember in case you have a prostate issue.

Some complications include enlarged breasts, acne flares, sleep apnea, and testicular shrinking, among other things. However, new formulas are much safer than the old ones, which is why you need to conduct comprehensive research before you make up your mind.

Other Reasons for Low Sex Drive

Generally, low testosterone is one of the causes of low sex drive, but it can be just a symptom of other underlying problems. For instance, mental causes are also common, especially among men, and they can lead to low libido.

We are talking about issues such as excessive stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, among other things. Apart from low levels of the male sex hormone, we can differentiate other physical causes that can affect the sex drive.

  • Consuming meds such as antidepressants, beta-blockers, and opiates
  • Obesity is a common problem that leads to low libido in men
  • Chronic illness such as diabetes or hypothyroidism are also affecting your ability to have a healthy sex life

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We recommend you talk with a general physician so that you can determine the primary cause of your low libido. Remember that you may have to go to counseling if the issues are psychological.