How to Maximize Your Potential to Build Pectoral Muscles

How to Maximize Your Potential to Build Pectoral Muscles

The chest muscle or pectoral muscle is one large continuous muscle not two, there are different parts to this muscle with different names but they are all part of the same muscle. If you desire huge pectoral muscles that will grab attention then read on.

Every chest exercise works your chest, just in different ways and from different angles. Due to the variety of angles that muscles in your chest can have stress placed on them, the overall results can be explosive. Free weights and more specifically dumb bells instead of resistance machines are the most effective way of achieving the greatest results. Due to the limited amount of range when using machines the result can often be injury and generally do not produce the results free weights can; however even with free weights, correct lifting techniques are the greatest concern. Keep in mind that in order to adequately place stress on all angles of the pectoral muscle you cannot limit yourself to only flat bench presses and flys. Every chest muscle exercise will also provide a muscle building benefit to your deltoid muscles, biceps and triceps so that even as your main focus may be your chest many other muscle groups will benefit in the process.

In the excercises we are about to talk you through keep in mind that you need to work on the full range of motion and purposely squeeze your chest muscles at the top of every action, remembering to lower your weights slowly to create more resistance to the process to promote more growth within the muscle fibres. Remember it is always best to use a spotter since the weights you will be lifting must be heavy in order to encourage noticeable muscle gain. Doing 3-4 sets of 8 repetitions will ensure maximum muscle growth.

The flat bench will have more of an emphasis on the lower chest area whereas the incline bench press will place more emphasis on the upper chest area. For the dumbell fly, it’s necessary to have a flat bench and a dumbell set. Sit on the edge of the bench with a dumbell in each hand then lay back while keeping the dumbells close to your chest then lift the dumbells over your chest by extending both arms. Remember to always keep your elbows slightly bent while your feet are kept flat on the floor and your shoulders and hips flat on the bench. Keep arms a little wider than your shoulders and your palms facing one another then slowly lower your arms to the side of your body, at their lowest point your arms must be horizontal to the bench then slowly bring your arms back over the chest. Try to visualise as if your arms were wrapping around a very large pole.

Protein intake is an essential component to building muscle, 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight is recommended, also incorporating creatine into your diet to ensure maximum results. Results will vary but be definite.