How to Lose the Dreaded Love Handles


How to Lose the Dreaded Love Handles

When men become older it becomes much more difficult to lose weight. And when they do manage to get into shape there seems to be a little bit of weight that proves to be difficult to get rid of. Usually that weight sits in the lower abdominal area. It’s pretty difficult to get rid of because your body is used to holding on to it. It’s not your diet that is keeping it their it is evolution. The extra bit in the abdominal area is our reserve fuel.

Back in the cavemen days this was used as fuel for two or three days when man went out to hunt. These days men hold this extra bit weight around their waists for two reasons.

1. Continually eating large portion sizes. This obviously leads to fat storage around the waist.

2. Men are not undertaking the necessary amount of activity to use up this extra energy. In modern society we limit exercise to one hour a day or not all so therefore it takes several hours each day to burn off this reserve fuel. Less food and more exercise is the key to losing the gut. In order to lose those stubborn kilos the body needs to be shocked. You need to do something that your body has never done before.

So for example if you have been running, try running at a slower pace for longer or a shorter distance at a faster pace. Do a bit of crosstraining like cycling, weight training but you need to remember to shock you body. If you like to walk try walking faster. When it comes to diet reducing calories is also important. Portion sizes contain too many calories for us to burn in a typical day. Whilst we do this exercise retain to shock the body it’s important we do exercises that trim the lower abdominal area.

In summary if you shocked the body with this new training programme you will get rid of the keg and you’ll have a six pack.