How to Get Enough Exercise


How to Get Enough Exercise

Making “exercise” the way you would normally move your body on a daily basis means that you are going to be able to get in enough exercise to be healthy and beneficial for your well-being. Start by looking at how you can get more physical in your everyday lifestyle and be fit and productive at the same time.

Housecleaning = Exercise

This includes getting physical about your home and tidying up behind yourself, keeping your desk and office space clear of clutter. Take the time to put some extra energy into your daily cleaning and tidying up habits. You can expend quite a bit of energy just by doing what needs to be done daily. Don’t overlook this important tip, life take energy, organization takes energy. We function better in a clean, clear and organized environment. Why not spice up your daily routines with some enthusiasm that raises your metabolism and heart rate. Give your home environment all the energy you can muster and then notice how you glow from the physical effort.

Walk. Walk. Walk Everywhere.

Walk everywhere. Learn to use your legs as your main form of transportation. Yes, we all walk to and from the car, the store… but walk further, longer and with stronger strides. Use your bike (remember that dusty old-contraption?) and start going from point A to point B on foot or two wheels. Not only will you gain physical fitness and “squeeze in’ enough exercise time over the course of the day, you’ll also be a little bit more earth-friendly.

As an example of adding more walking into your life. Like in Europe, shop in areas where you can park and shop. Find a shopping center that has many stores you can pick up regular items from and save yourself drive time. Walk your bags and purchases back to the car every shop or two and know you’re getting enough exercise while taking care of the weekly essentials.

Dance Through Your Day

Not sure if you’re getting enough exercise? Turn on some music and start dancing. Watch how much exercise you can get in while grooving with your favorite tunes. Lift your mood and your feet when you start listening to more up-beat music. Listen to energetic music while you’re cleaning your house or going for a daily walk. It’s hard not to keep pace with the tempo.

Kick! Stretch and Kick!

And finally, spend a few minutes each day doing some daily, am and pm, stretches. Stretching is a natural feel-good exercise. It keeps you from stiffening up and the added flow of oxygen to your muscles will help them stay in shape. Just follow what feels good. A good back and arm stretch always uplifts your mood and energy levels. Add a few calisthenics and you’ve just put together an exercise routine. Get up and stretch several times a day if you’re working behind a computer or at a desk.

It doesn’t have to take as much effort to get in enough exercise each day. The key is to see exercise as a natural part of your lifestyle. Active and productive people also tend to be healthy and fit. Good physical stamina doesn’t just come from lifting weights or running marathons. It’s the daily use of your body and muscles that determine if you’re getting enough exercise to maintain a happy, healthy body.