How to Exercise in the Office

How to Exercise in the Office

Do you spend most of your day at a desk, sitting in front of your computer, working on reports or just typing away? If your answer is yes, you probably have noticed that you’re gaining some weight.

Of course, slowing metabolism and age are related to that, but if you’re not an active person, if you are just sitting down for hours and hours doing your job, you can expect your weight to increase, regardless your age.

What can an office worker do about this? You can exercise at work. It may seem to be difficult at first, but you can start by getting away of your desk for a walk. I’m not suggesting you to go to a local gym and spend your lunch time working out, which is not a bad idea though. But instead you can make an effort and go for a walk after lunch, if you work at a large company, try to walk the perimeter; you can go outside or just walk inside. It will contribute in both your mind and body, you’ll be taking a break after those stressing hours in your office.

Avoid using the elevator whenever possible. Use the stairs in the building, you can use those steps to exercise your legs, so use them as many times as you can. If you work at a small office, or the building you work is a small setting, try to go outside for a walk during your lunch hour. Your skin also needs some exposure to the sun light stay healthy.

Set yourself an eating plan and stick to eat. If it’s possible consider bringing in your lunch to work, don’t just go out for lunch, most of the times you’ll find yourself trying to make a decision on what to pile on your plate in front of a restaurant or the “all you can eat” section. Besides the fact that you will be saving some money, which is a big advantage already, you’ll be helping your body as well. You can plan ahead what snacks you will be eating, it can be very easy to run to the vending machine and get those candies, sugary and fatty snacks.

It’s always good to get a great night’s sleep every night. When you get a good rest every night, you will feel energetic in the morning and your body will be ready to process the food you consume. Start a new day with a wholesome, low-sugar breakfast, add some fruits and fiber to it, that will prevent you from eating snacks later in the morning and will provide you the energy you need to go to work.

Remember, as an office worker you’re still able to stay in good shape, you can exercise at work, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small office or a large company, you can minimize and select carefully what you eat during the day, and also try to sleep well every night.