How to Burn Permanent Belly Fat


How to Burn Permanent Belly Fat

Firstly, it is not our fault for being over weight with all the companies bombarding us all our life to be fat. But it is time for use to take control instead of chasing lies told to us by these large weight loss companies.

The main issue normally is to burn stubborn belly ‘s unhealthy and takes away from our appearance.

Here are some helpful easy fat burning exercises to shrink down that tummy. Do these exercises is with regular schedules and a friend.

Warning: Always check with your doctor before ever doing any exercise if you have extensive health issues.

With the right exercise done at least three times a week along with a smart balanced meal you will have a more attractive body in know time that you can keep, just from learning how to exercise and eat right as a lifestyle change.

Retrain Your Brain

We have to re-train our brain to think differently about exercise and the types of food we eat. If we can convince ourselves about why we should lose weight, the easier it is to take the journey!

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What are the benefits to losing weight and exercise?

• Build muscle doing weight loss exercise

• Burning this belly fat will make me feel more confident.

• My life will change by looking sexier and having more energy

• Great health will enhance my life by extending it.

• Aren’t you worth it? Isn’t my family worth my better health?

Say it! Yes! Now just do it!

We are in control of the way we think about ourselves. There is a very simple method to change your way of thinking and it is to make a decision, that’s right, a decision to be leaner, sexier,and healthy. A decision to turn that body fat into appealing sexy muscle!

We really want something we can make a decision about and go after it. So don’t look at your body and think that it might be nice to be more fit. Make a decision to be sexy, healthy and fit!

Make a decision to be burn that stubborn fat off your body. That’s right it’s in you to make these changes. I can only help with the tools, you have the answer inside of you!

How To Permanently Loss Weight And Body Fat

Get started the right way!

Take a picture of your stomach and place it somewhere you can see it everyday to remind your self of what you are leaving behind. Get a picture of some great abs, and place it in the bathroom or refrigerator door to remind you of what your goal is.

Here are some easy fast ways to start preparing your body to burn fat in your spare time between work and home.

• Dance 10 minutes 3 times a day!

• Play vigorously with your child 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.

• Walk with your stomach pulled in and your butt tight off and on everyday.

• Lay on floor and do a bicycle movement with feet for 10 minutes with arms crossed on chest, head raised in morning and night.

• Squat down with feet apart 10 times 2 slow reps twice a day.

• Do 3 slow reps 10 small and large circles with your arms backwards and forward every other day.