How Much Exercise Do We Need for Weight Loss?


How Much Exercise Do We Need for Weight Loss?

In general, many experts advise a minimum of 20 minutes exercise 3 times per week. However if our main aim is weight loss then it is advisable to step this up to gain maximum results.

Naturally the amount of physical activity we need will vary from person to person, but how much do we need to increase our physical exercise in order to shed those unwanted pounds? Firstly we need to take into consideration how active we are in our normal daily routine. Perhaps we have an active physically challenging job which involves lots of heavy lifting or walking. Maybe we have small children that have us running about and on the go all day. If this is the case, we may not need to significantly increase the amount of exercise into our daily routine as we are probably burning quite a substantial amount of calories already.

On the other hand, if our daily routine involves a more sedentary pace, such as spending much of the day seated or standing in one place for much of the time, then we may not be burning sufficient calories to lose weight at a steady decent rate.

An ideal scenario is to reduce both our calorie intake as well increasing our physical activity, so we are moving much more and eating much less. In general, we should try to perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 times per week. This exercise routine combined with a healthy low-calorie diet should enable us to lose one or two pounds of weight per week.

If our weight loss is much slower than this, we may have to think about increasing our workout time, or consider reducing our calorie intake a little further. We need to be careful however not to reduce our calorie intake too drastically as this can stop our body’s fat burning process. We must also understand that we are all different, and we do not all have the same metabolism, resulting in some of us losing weight much faster than others.

Resistance training for a few sessions per week is also worth considering, as this will help us to build lean muscle. The more lean muscle we have on our body, the more calories we will burn, even when our body is resting.

An ideal workout regime for encouraging weight loss should be 2-3 hours of cardio exercise and 1-2 hours of resistance training per week. Providing that we moderate our calorie intake, this should be sufficient physical exercise to promote a steady, consistent and healthy weight loss.