Herbal Diet – Skip the Diet Pills and Go Herbal

Herbal Diet – Skip the Diet Pills and Go Herbal

Generally, when people are looking to lose weight, the first thing they grab for are the over the counter diet pills. Although these pills can be effective in losing weight, they come with some serious side effects that are just not worth it. The alternative, however, is to go on an herbal diet.

Herbal supplements help support any diet and fitness program. Taken alone, they can help one to lose weight; however, if added with a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet, it can expedite the weight loss process dramatically. Herbal diet remedies work as a natural weight loss solution by using plant extract. Therefore, the only ingredients you will find in these supplements are all natural ingredients straight from the plants themselves. Below you will find three popular herbal diet supplements used by many people with success.

Green Tea

This is by far one of the most widely used herbal supplements because it just plain works. Its main ingredient is EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and has been shown to increase the metabolism and provide powerful antioxidants that the body needs to flush out toxins. Whether taken as a supplement or straight from the kettle, Green tea can be a great addition to any diet. Not only is it effective in weight loss, it is also used to help lower heart disease, cancer and other ailments.

Acai Berry

The acai berry is a special fruit picked from the Acai palm tree and has been harvested for over a hundred years by Native Americans. Yet another popular herbal diet supplement, it offers a number of different benefits. This is because it contains large amounts of antioxidants that help to increase the metabolic rate, fight fatigue, increase energy levels and work as a detoxification remedy. Also, if that is not enough, this wonderful berry helps the aging process as well.


Typically, the flaxseed supplement is prescribed as a natural and gentle laxative. This is because it is high in fiber and fatty acids. Not only does it aid in weight loss, but it can also be used to fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.


Both the leaf and the root can help with weight loss. This is because it controls water weight gain. Many women use this to stop bloating from water retention. Dandelions do not deplete your body of potassium like most of the other diuretics and the root itself is an incredible liver detoxifier which if allowed to clog up will result in weight gain.

These are but a few of the many different herbal diet remedies available for successful weight loss. Used in combination of a healthy diet and exercise, one can expect to reach their weight loss goals in record time.