Health Care in America is Desperately Flawed – Find Out How to Fix It


Desperate times call for desperate measures… or so our government would have us believe. Our health care system in the United States, and specifically California, costs more per capita than any other developed (or undeveloped for that matter) nation in the World. And for this, we receive some of the most pitiful health care services of the developed nations.
This is, in part, because when you count the cost per capita, this doesn’t count the people who are not paying. Such as: illegal immigrants, homeless, corporations who pay little to no taxes due to corporate tax loopholes, and other such entities. Corporations aside, however, these indigent individuals are still able to receive medical care at any emergency room due to California and Federal Law.
Basically, we have all of the NEGATIVE effects of “socialized” health care without actually having equal health care for all. Arguments against socialized health care, include the people not wanting the few to pay for the masses. But that is exactly what is happening here.
California has one of the highest percent of illegal immigrant populations in the country, and whenever they fall down or scrape there knee, the only medical care they can afford is going to the emergency room, with no insurance, no valid identification, and no money; and they get health coverage.
Myself, on the other hand, I work 2 jobs, pay my taxes, barely make enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the plates of my family, do not get such luxuries. An Emergency Room visit typically runs me $2,000+, which I must pay or else what is left of credit will disappear. I cannot afford health insurance/care, and with the economy today, my employers do not offer me any benefits as they will not let me work full-time.
This HAS to change. I know that many of you readers out there are against socialized health care systems, or plans to increase spending on government aide for health programs. Do not be so quick to throw these proposals out. In the long run, we are likely to save money, hopefully by removing the illegal immigrant populace, but more importantly, by offering affordable health care to EVERYONE, this will cease the overcrowded ER’s packed with people who never intend to pay for coverage, which increases the costs to tax-payers nationwide.
We must change our health care system immediately, or else we will continue to overpay for medical services for indigents, and the honest, hard-working American’s will continue to be denied health insurance coverage because they cannot honestly afford it.
America’s Flawed Health System at its finest. (Worst?) The Weekly Updates.

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