For Those That Live With MS

It appears the key to you living with Multiple Sclerosis is that you must feel in control of your Multiple Sclerosis. How can you do this you ask? You do this by keeping track of your symptoms, by going to your appointments with your health care professional, not skipping your scheduled magnetic resonance imaging and by taking your medications that your health care provider has prescribed. All too often when things appear to be going well, we (meaning you) think some of what you need to be doing to stay in control is not needed. Not so, do it religiously!
Now I know that the exact relationship between your magnetic resonance imaging and your present or future clinical status of you as a patient, including your disease progression is an unknown. But to take any chances is clear stupidity, stay in charge of what is going on with you.
You should follow a well balanced diet and also follow your now properly prescribed exercise program to give yourself a good foundation for good health. You should always talk with your health care provider or you Multiple Sclerosis specialist before entering into any symptom related management program. Remember the message here, stay in control of your disease and the process.
Clearly, if your health care provider has prescribed a disease modifying drug, it is imperative that you follow your doctor’s recommendations, with no exceptions. New drugs were introduced about fifteen years ago that showed a breakthrough for people with relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. It appears that these new drugs slow down the process. If you have Multiple Sclerosis and are not familiar with what I just stated, at least go to your health care provider and go over your treatment options and decide if any of the new therapy is right for you. Remember as always, live well to be well. Stay informed!