Fitness Trainer With A Twist: Walk and Talk

Fitness Trainer With A Twist: Walk and Talk

Cole woke up today with ease. He got out of bed, feeling a bit more energized than usual. Mmmm… Now that he thought about he was feeling better. Ever since he called that guy with that silly postcard on the local bulletin board, he was actually feeling better. That put a little grin on his face.

Cole was a hard working guy, had just had a recent surgery and had ballooned up in weight. He had never been big on exercise and even his own wife had not been able to get him to exercise. Still he had this instinctive feeling he had to do something. He just didn’t know hat. Plus he knew that on a day to day basis he just didn’t want to exercise.

After all, he worked hard everyday to provide for his family, and he walked around his garage some.

Cole had seen that little post card on the local bulletin board and decided to call that guy ( whose name was Ben) Now just a few weeks later he was so glad he did!

So how did Ben help Cole? He just helped him start walking! Ben just Showed up at the appointed timeThree times per week, and they began to walk. Ben had an easy way about him and was a good conversationalist. So it was easy for Cole to start walking. On the first day Cole only walked a half mile. With Ben’s encouragement they walked a little further each day.

Ben also introduced a nutritious and delicious smoothie each time he came over which when Cole tried it, he felt much more energy. It also gave Cole the energy to walk a little further each can do the same thing in your local community. You can start a business just helping people to start walking. It is truly just the encouragement of someone like you that makes the difference.

You can market your business by putting up business cards and post cards on bulletin boards,Ads in the local paper, press releases, radio, and many other ways. Try putting your business cardsin local stores and businesses. Also you could try a mailing to your local neighborhood. I personally would not spend a fortune on advertising. Only spend what you can easily afford on your advertising efforts. On your business car you might

want to put a discounted rate for groups.

You could offer two options. The first option could be helping individuals. The second option would be a group walk. You could charge up to $20 per walk for individuals, more in certain group walks, maybe $5 to $10 per walk. You could also offer children and teenage walks, walks for just men, walks for just women, walks for the elderly, walks for people and their pets, or family walks. You could also just charge a flat amount for the entire week or month. Well you get the idea!

Try to work with people for at least one hour per session so that they feel the are getting their money’s includes rest time as well.

Tips to remember:

Check with your insurance agent to make sure you are well covered for this business.

Also remember to encourage and keep the conversations flowing. Make the experience enjoyable for people.

Also try to keep variety in your walks to keep the walks interesting. Go different places.

To expand on this idea you could also start jogging groups. You may want to hire others to expand, and even start a franchise eventually.

Well happy walking, and kind regards,

Susan Farmer

Kindness is our life’s most important work