Feeling Healthy and Shedding the Pounds


Feeling Healthy and Shedding the Pounds

Hi, My name is Anthony. I’m writing an article to hear people’s solutions to difficult weight loss, and things that I have done so far to lose weight. I’m always interested in hearing other people’s stories in success whether it be things they’ve tried and done on their own, or things that they are wanting to try that I may have recommended. As just a little taste of my success thus far I wanted to share with you my before and after weight. Prior to all the things that I have tried I was 275 pounds. I’m 6′ 1″ so that’s a little much. In just a year I went from 211 pounds to 275. The damage that does to your body is outrageous. Stretch marks, painful joints, and just an overall strained body.

First thing I’ve learned so far is that sleep is the up most important part of losing weight. With a health, regular sleep schedule you can achieve any weight loss goals as far as I’m concerned. I have found that I lose weight a lot faster when I go to sleep by 9 o’clock pm and wake up around 6 o’clock am. I feel refreshed, revitalized, and highly energetic. At this point it also seems that my mood is constantly in a great place. I feel very positive and hopeful when I put myself on a regular sleep schedule. Now I don’t necessarily know if this something that is legitimate information, but I feel it has helped in a great way to my success so far in the area of weight loss.

Things that people need to understand, is that starting a weight loss lifestyle is not easy. But, once you have started it, it becomes a very easy process. Once your everyday lifestyle is trained into doing the things that help you lose weight, it literally becomes second nature. You’ll get to a point where those old habits that you didn’t think were wrong, begin to disgust you. Drinking soda pop/other carbonated drinks, staying up really late every night and waking up early, living a sedentary lifestyle, all of these things contribute to weight gain. Stress can be a huge factor in causing all of these things to happen.

Stress is one of those super crazy things. It causes poor sleep schedules, poor diet, and excessive exhaustion. Stress is also one of the most difficult things in life to manage. The best ways that I have found to relieve stress are actually in eating healthier, sleeping more, and exercising. It’s odd that the very things stress has negative effects on are the things you can do to help manage that stress. It can be an overwhelming loop. My advice is to just take your life one step at a time. Pick an area of your biggest issues that cost you to gain weight, like lack of exercise for example, and change that one thing. Over time the rest of it will fall into place.

Since one of my primary goals in this article was to share with you my own success, I had told you earlier my weight just 3 months ago. I am now 220 pounds, and able to fit back into my old clothes from 2 years ago. I’m feeling much happier and optimistic about life, and I will be continuing my weight loss for many months to come. I’m always trying new things to achieve my goals. So I would like to share with you my newsletter. I’m updating it weekly to report to any subscribers my success, and hope that anyone who does subscribe is willing to give me as much feedback as possible.


Anthony P. Revak