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Politics – The Individual Or the State? God, Liberty, E. Pluribus Unum, Anybody?

To the credit of President Barak H. Obama, he was not kidding about his promise to fundamentally transform the United States of America and is working at lightening speed to achieve unprecedented changes as seen never before, to turn the USA into an unrecognizable Nation that the average American has never even fathomed before! The goal of eliminating all individual liberties is under way for the benefit of absolute power for the President, various Global elitists and select Progressive, Socialist and Marxist intellectuals with in a select crowd of perpetrators and the end result will be a conclusion of a Global Lords over surfs as a governmental equation by design, should the Constitutional Republic perish by their massive and constant legislative endeavors.
Individual liberties are fodder to the Progressive machines agenda and will be chewed up and disregarded as the Progressive agenda advances. The 2700+ page health care reform bill addresses much more than just providing health care to those who do not have it, but commands absolute control over all American’s everyday lives by giving complete access of all American’s personal financial holdings by the Federal Government, whether it be accessing banking or investing accounts and gives the Federal Government unconstitutional powers to remove funds at will, if desired by the Federal Government to do so. An end to any financial privacy for any individual in the USA is achieved with the passage of the extremely intrusive health care reform legislation. The Federal Government will also take over 100% control in issuing higher education loans to secondary education students, which is an ear mark that was discovered inside of the health care reform legislation. Besides the fact that rationing of health care services will occur and to the fact that intrusive unconstitutional penalties will be leveraged upon individuals who decline to gain and pay for care, what the unconstitutional health care reform legislation is really about is absolute authoritarian control by the Federal Government over all individuals who reside in the USA, with exception to the fact that illegal immigrants who break our immigration laws will just be covered for free by the American taxpayer. The health care reform bill is less about over all health care and is more about subjugation of the American individual by the Federal Government and should receive immediate consideration to advance Usurpation measures as granted to the American people in the U.S. Constitution. Usurpation is the unauthorized, unlawful exercise of power not expressed or granted in the U.S. Constitution and whenever a person, department or branch of the government (federal, state, or local) usurps, they assume undelegated powers and are therefore acting outside the law. Any legislation advanced outside of the parameters of the law, is therefore null and void.
Further intrusions of individual liberties are under way through the advancement of cap and trade legislation, which passed in the House of Representatives on Friday June 18th, 2010. Should the cap and trade legislation pass in the Senate at a later date, then utility bills through out the country will sky rocket, effectively damaging the individual consumers buying power in the over all economy and will of course also lead to the elimination of hundreds of thousands of jobs so that corrupt politicians can make a fortune in private business holdings that would support the proposed new “green economy” that has already proven to be a failure in Spain, which created a ridiculous 18.1% National unemployment rate there and has led to Australia to change course in not pursuing a “green economy”, due to the well known guaranteed negative economic impact that cap and trade will create. Should cap and trade become enacted into law in the United States, then with the known automatic negative economic impact that the legislation will create; a result of countless additional “currently employed” Americans will become reliant on the Federal Government for welfare and food stamps, which of course has to be a part of the over all evil Progressive plan to retain absolute control over the individual through out the Nation to secure power at future ballots. This is merely a planned cyclical Progressive process to retain power and control at the expense of individual liberties. Desperate people will seek desperate measures to survive and get by, which the Progressives clearly understand, which is why they enjoy to purposely create an economic depression by design.
The evil anti American Progressives also seek to eliminate the Second Amendment by signing UN agreements behind the scenes in obscurity and by continually trying to advance the H.R. 45 (Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009) to target all gun owners in the U.S.A. The evil anti American Progressive strategy is very much so quite simple. A constant advancement to make it a royal pain in …

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Health Care in America is Desperately Flawed – Find Out How to Fix It

Desperate times call for desperate measures… or so our government would have us believe. Our health care system in the United States, and specifically California, costs more per capita than any other developed (or undeveloped for that matter) nation in the World. And for this, we receive some of the most pitiful health care services of the developed nations.
This is, in part, because when you count the cost per capita, this doesn’t count the people who are not paying. Such as: illegal immigrants, homeless, corporations who pay little to no taxes due to corporate tax loopholes, and other such entities. Corporations aside, however, these indigent individuals are still able to receive medical care at any emergency room due to California and Federal Law.
Basically, we have all of the NEGATIVE effects of “socialized” health care without actually having equal health care for all. Arguments against socialized health care, include the people not wanting the few to pay for the masses. But that is exactly what is happening here.
California has one of the highest percent of illegal immigrant populations in the country, and whenever they fall down or scrape there knee, the only medical care they can afford is going to the emergency room, with no insurance, no valid identification, and no money; and they get health coverage.
Myself, on the other hand, I work 2 jobs, pay my taxes, barely make enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the plates of my family, do not get such luxuries. An Emergency Room visit typically runs me $2,000+, which I must pay or else what is left of credit will disappear. I cannot afford health insurance/care, and with the economy today, my employers do not offer me any benefits as they will not let me work full-time.
This HAS to change. I know that many of you readers out there are against socialized health care systems, or plans to increase spending on government aide for health programs. Do not be so quick to throw these proposals out. In the long run, we are likely to save money, hopefully by removing the illegal immigrant populace, but more importantly, by offering affordable health care to EVERYONE, this will cease the overcrowded ER’s packed with people who never intend to pay for coverage, which increases the costs to tax-payers nationwide.
We must change our health care system immediately, or else we will continue to overpay for medical services for indigents, and the honest, hard-working American’s will continue to be denied health insurance coverage because they cannot honestly afford it.
America’s Flawed Health System at its finest. (Worst?) The Weekly Updates.…

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Health Insurance For Kids That You Can Afford

Not being able to afford health insurance for you kids is an all too common serious situation many families are facing now. The importance of being able to see a doctor for treatment or to visit the hospital when an emergence arises can never be stressed enough. If you are one of these family who can’t afford health insurance for your children, there is help you might qualify for. These qualifications have a lot to do with what level of income you are at and how much you are paying for health insurance form your employer if it is offered.
Government backed health insurance programs have under went changes that are making health insurance available to more families that make a living income, but not an insurance enhancing income. One of these programs; Medicare, has love been the protector of low income pregnant women, who needed assistance and more. These changes are making good affordable health care possible to very one in need.
Any Department Of Children And Families office and personnel will gladly set down and explain these new policy requirement changes and how they will affect or benefit you and your family; or you can get the information by visiting the many information sites on the web. The online information is more in depth and you can actually read other people descriptions and opinions on the changes. The whole reason is so that all children will get needed treatment. Medicaid will began the screening process and you will soon know what you qualify for.
Families with a income level too high for Medicaid will then fall under a sliding scale to determine insurance coverage cost. Each state has its own set of rules and is usually based on how much money is coming in and going out. While the premium very low, other services include low prescription cost, vision services, some dental services as well as excellent health care and doctor access.
All these programs are family friendly to insure the health care needs of children are met and addressed at a very affordable price when needed. This doesn’t do much for adult care, which is another issue, but does relieve the stress and stain on the family’s budget for care and out of pocket expenses for the children.…

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The Beautiful Red Canary

The Red Canary, or “Red Factor Canary” is classed as a color canary — meaning that the bird is bred for its color and beauty, rather than their size, shape or singing abilities. They’re a cross-breed between the endangered Venezuelan Black Hooded Red Siskin and the Yellow Canary. The Red Canary is strictly a show bird and there are plenty of sub-categories this popular breed can fall into: Frosts and Non-Frosts, Lipochromes and Melonins, along with Soft Feathers and Hard Feathers. All categories affect the sheen and luster of each canary, while determining which class they fall into for competitions.
Just because they’re bred for competition doesn’t mean you can’t purchase one as a pet and wonderful showpiece at home: It’s just that they are a difficult canary to breed successfully and they do tend to cost more than other popular canaries that are bred for singing or their unique shapes.
The Red Canary also requires a unique diet to keep their color looking sharp: Red berries of all kinds, beets, squash, sweet potatoes, paprika, red peppers and others. Anything that contains Beta-Carotene and Canthaxanthin to help maintain and highlight their color. If you plan on entering them in competitions, you’ll have to monitor how the color foods affect their overall color to get award winning birds. This is most of the fun for owners, since it gives the owner a great deal of control to create a competition-crushing specimen.
Other than a special diet, they require an available bird bath and nothing more than other canaries. This is also a great breed for people who don’t like the singing aspect of canaries, as some Red’s sing, while most chirp once in a while and keep busy primping or roosting. Look for a breeder who specializes in color-bred canaries to make sure you get a true genetically color-bred bird and not something that’s been simply color fed certain foods to obtain the desired color.…

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Horatio Bunce Sets Davy Crockett on the Path to Protect the Constitution

In the first installment of this series about Davy Crockett you learned how his meeting with Horatio Bunce set him straight concerning the use of Constitutional power by a Congressman. What was the force acting upon Horatio Bunce that gave him the ability to think so cogently about government and an understanding of the “chains of the Constitution”? Davy Crockett reveals the probable answer to this question as he tells of his lifelong relationship with Mr. Bunce.
The following admission from Davy Crockett makes it evident that Horatio Bunce was a Christian:
“I have told you Mr. Bunce converted me politically. He came nearer converting me religiously than I had ever been before. He did not make a very good Christian of me, as you know; but he has wrought upon my mind a conviction of the truth of Christianity, and upon my feelings a reverence for its purifying and elevating power such as I had never felt before.
“I have known and seen much of him since, for I respect him – no, that is not the word – I reverence and love him more than any living man, and I go to see him two or three times every year; and I will tell you sir, if every one who professes to be a Christian lived and acted and enjoyed it as he does, the religion of Christ would take the world by storm.”
As a lively Christian, Horatio Bunce understood the depravity of the soul of man from a Biblical perspective. He once said to Davy Crockett, “The power of collecting and disbursing money at pleasure is the most dangerous power that can be entrusted to men…” In this statement you can see that Horatio Bunce understood that civil magistrates must be checked by a higher law than their own. He understood the covenantal nature of the American government, and he understood that Davy Crockett, and indeed, all officials of the American system must be chained by the charter of the covenant – by the Constitution.
Finally Horatio Bunce understood that he had a responsibility to know the covenant that chained his elected officials, so that he could maintain a check on them. It is only through a populace that knows the charter of the nation that the civil authorities will be held in check to that charter. Christians should know that just as the church and her officials must be governed by the Holy Scriptures, government officials must be governed by their Constitution.…

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Medical Bill Help

After a recent stay in the hospital following an emergency or planned procedure there is usually something in common. The cost of the visit is expensive, and getting more expensive. While recent progress with the health care reform has shown promise for changes to the system, it is putting a toll on things now. Health care costs are high, and so are health insurance premiums. Furthermore, these costs continue to rise. With that, people are having more problems when trying to pay their medical bills and afford health insurance.
If you are having trouble paying your medical bills, there are a few options you should consider before seeking any alternative routes of payment. First, you should always review the medical bills carefully for any errors. Often times, mistakes are made and those mistakes are costly. Saving a few hundred dollars due to finding an error could be a significant help.
You could also try notifying the health care provider or hospital of your financial situation. It is much better for the billing issues to be handled with these people, instead of having your account go into collections. You might want to talk directly with the billing manager or your doctor to expedite the process.
You can also try to negotiate your bill with your health care provider or hospital. Often times, they would rather negotiate and have you pay a portion of your bill, than lose the entire amount. Just be sure to request a written statement detailing the payment plan.
There are also some charity programs that offer financial assistance to people who can’t pay their medical bills so be sure to check into those as well.…

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Medical Insurance Eligibility

There are several varieties of health insurance plans to incorporate the many needs of the mass population today. However, the path you must travel to find out which insurance carrier is right for you may take some time and homework. A few of the more recognizable programs today are:
1. Medicaid insurance, Medicare insurance
2. State risk insurance pools
3. Government-run low cost health insurance programs
4. State-run children’s insurance programs
5. Employee initiative programs
6. Group insurance
7. Individual insurance
One of the more popular insurance policies is for general health, which basically covers the surface in many areas of health concerns. Health concerns regarding Medicare focus mostly on the health requirements and needs of the elderly in the population. This is reserved for those elderly who have worked most of their lifetime and contributed to Social Security. Medicare is a low cost health insurance also designed to cover the spouses of the long time employee as well.
Though initially created with many good intentions, Medicare is going broke today simply because there are not enough people with the current population to pay into the system for future generations. A very simple health care plan growing immensely and is now unsustainable.
Medicaid is a government-run program that was designed to help those in the population that found sustaining medical insurance in any form an impossible task caused by low income and sometimes no income causing even the low cost health insurance impossible to purchase.
The state-run children’s health care plans vary from state to state, yet do have a commonality with genuine concern for all the children living within the communities. It seems that the very young require constant attention for proper health needs as do our elderly population.
The option for individual health insurance is there for anyone who requires medical insurance and is able to afford a minimum insurance policy. This is an affordable insurance policy that many young and single individuals who have a means of income are attracted. Though this type of insurance is limited in what it has to offer, it does attract those who are generally in good health and only need a little back up.
The State-risk pools are reserved for those individual who, because of one or more pre-conditions that cause their health care to be unstable are able to find limited relief. This is a very structured insurance plan and is far from being an affordable health insurance because of the pool of individuals that this covers.…