Can I Lose Weight With Fitness Walking?

Can I Lose Weight With Fitness Walking?

Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. Of course it does have to be part of a weight loss program which includes a healthy diet. But you need to exercise as well and walking is an easy option. It has the advantage of being suitable for all ages and takes several forms depending on how much effort you want to put into losing weight.

Walking at an average pace of two or three miles an hour is fine. But there are other ways of doing it which burn off more calories.

Brisk Walking. This is moving up a level. You should walk with your heel hitting the ground first and then using your whole foot before pushing off with the toes. Keep your hips still, loosen your shoulders. Walk with bent arms. This will exercise your whole body and not just your legs as in slower walking.

Power Walking. You can burn as many calories as jogging but it puts less strain on the joints. Concentrate on really active arm movements. Swing them back so that your hand is level with your waist and then forward so that it is nearly at shoulder level. Use the feet as in brisk walking. Do this and you should be walking fast, but not getting so out of breath that you cannot hold a conversation.

Nordic Pole Walking. A more specialist activity, but one that is well worth doing. Nordic pole walking was originally used by Scandinavian cross-country skiers for summer training and is excellent exercise. Together with the good boots and light clothes you must have for any walking exercise you will need two poles. The poles enable you to walk further and faster without extra effort There are a number of different types available with replaceable tips for use on various ground surfaces and even on pavements.

The principal is that you keep the poles behind you and close to the body. As you take a step make sure your opposite arm is waist high and the pole is planted level with the rear of your foot. Then push the pole back, swinging it forward on the wrist strap for the next step. Do this each side in turn as you walk. That may seem a little complicated, but once you have seen it done and tried it yourself you will find it easy.

You need an hour’s training to be able to do Nordic pole walking properly and also some advice on choosing the right poles for your weight and height. This is not a problem as Nordic pole walking has become very popular and most towns in America or Europe have clubs which are always delighted to welcome new members.

So we have four different ways to exercise just by walking. You can have a stroll in the park, a brisk walk or a power walk round the block or an enjoyable day out Nordic pole walking with friends. With the right clothes you can walk in all weathers and at any time of year. An hour a day will keep you fit and help you lose weight, whatever your age. It has to be the easiest way there is to burn off those extra pounds.