Allergic Reactions to Bee Stings


Heading outdoors for a relaxing hike or even just a Sunday afternoon BBQ does not seem all that scary or life-threatening. But if you are one of the people that are allergic to bees than you may need to be more aware of your surroundings than others. Perhaps the most famous of all bee stings is in the movie¬†My Girl¬†and hopefully not spoiling the end for you, but it does showcase the serious nature that can happen to a person if they are allergic to bee stings. For the majority of people, bees stings are just a nuisance, and a home remedy can ease the mild symptoms of swelling, pain, and redness. If you happen to be allergic and you are stung multiple times, you may have a much severe reaction and need treatment immediately. Every bee sting is different and if you have one response, the next time may be much different. Most people’s mild symptoms will go away within 12 hours.

For those that have allergic reactions called anaphylaxis, this can be life-threatening, and you must seek medical attention right away. The symptoms of anaphylaxis are: breaking out in hives, breathing difficulties, weak pulse, dizziness, fainting and loss of cognizance. Most bees are not aggressive and do not swarm in a group unless the hive has been disturbed and therefore someone can receive numerous bee stings. If you are stung more than a dozen times, there can be a toxic reaction, and you can start to feel very sick right away with indications such as a headache, fever, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and fainting. Children, elderly and people who suffer from heart problems will need medical attention if they have been stung several times.

The times to find medical help is if you are allergic and do not have any allergy medicine, have been stung numerous times and are allergic, a young child, elderly or have heart issues. You should go to your doctor if the sting area has not resolved itself within a couple of days. Or if there are new signs or symptoms of other sicknesses that you have after you were stung.

A bee sting allergic reaction Oak Brook Il, or even Madison, Pennsylvania, can happen anywhere that bees live and thrive. Take extra precaution and prevent bee stings on yourself and others. Some of the risk factors of getting stung by a bee are simply being outdoors where any beehives happen to be. It may seem obvious, but stay away from any buzzing sounds and do not swat at bees.

To prevent bee stings keep sugary drinks covered if outside including food and trash cans, do not wear bright colors which attract bees, and wear a closed toe shoe while walking.If you are working on your lawn be careful as this can stir up bees and only have a professional remove any beehives. If bees happen to be around you remain calm, slowly walk away and do not swat at them.