Aerobics Machines – 5 Ways to Fight Boredom

Aerobics Machines – 5 Ways to Fight Boredom

When the weather is nice aerobic exercise is easy. I bike, sometimes run, go for long walks, and generally enjoy the great outdoors. That combined with general outdoor activities helps keep me fit.

Come winter or inclement weather it’s much harder. Although I might enjoy a brief stint on a treadmill, stationary bicycle, or stair-master in the gym, I often get bored before I can finish a good workout.

Here are five techniques I use to help fight boredom and keep me exercising longer.

1) Reading – except very occasionally when my pace may be too fast, for example during brief sprints, reading helps pass the time. I do both light reading, perhaps magazines in the gym or trashy novels, as well as more serious business and self-improvement reading.

2) Listen to music – I’ll sometimes listen to some of my favorite songs on my iPod. I like mixing both fast and slow music, but not too slow as my pace tends to naturally speed up or slow down to the music!

3) Watch TV – I rarely watch TV at home as I’m too busy and it’s not my preferred form of relaxation, but I’ll occasionally watch TV in the gym. I carry a set of cheap headphones in my workout bag exactly for that purpose.

4) Listen to a podcast or book on tape. This is my absolute favorite! 

5) Talk to a friend. Exercising with friends always works well.

Just trudging away indoors on an aerobic machine can bore me easily. By using these tips I tend to get a longer and better workout and be healthier, and you probably can too. Try one of them next time you’re in the gym!