4 Reasons to Exercise – What’s Stopping You?

4 Reasons to Exercise – What’s Stopping You?

Weight control is a great reason to step up your exercise level but but it’s not the only ones. Here are four other reasons to exercise.

1) Exercise increases muscles. When you exercise regularly you end up with more muscle tissue than the average person. Because muscle tissue weighs more than fat you might find that you will weigh more before you started your exercise programme. Do not be too concerned about this and you will agree that you’d rather have a bit of muscle and too much fat. Plus it looks better! Any exercise that changes your body’s ratio of muscle to fat gives you every opportunity to live a longer life.

2) Exercise reduces the amount of fat stored in your body. People who have fat stored around the stomach as opposed to the hips are at a higher risk of weight related illnesses. Exercise does help reduce that and thus lowers the risk of weight related diseases.

3) Exercise strengthened your bones. Osteoporosis, which is the thinning of the bones and can lead to repeated fractures doesn’t just happen to little ladies. After the mid-30s, everybody, males and females begin losing bone density. Exercise will slow, halt and in some cases reverse the process. Being physically active develops stronger muscles which in turn help protect the bones. Stronger bones equals a lesser risk of fractures.

4) Exercise increases brainpower. We all know that exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the heart but did you know that it also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain?

These are my four tips as reasons to exercise. The tip is to start slow and slowly increase your workouts, especially if you haven’t been doing anything for a few years. The sooner you can start the sooner that you’ll see the benefits of exercising to your life.