3 Tips to Lose Weight – What Will Really Work?


3 Tips to Lose Weight – What Will Really Work?

Do you have the problem that you really want to lose weight, but it just doesn’t happen whatever you try? You tried several diets, but had little or no result. Or soon the lost pounds came back?

I sure know these problems from my own experience. Most of my adult life I was on one diet or another… The best results: two pounds off after a year of very strict dieting. Finally I gave up. A few years ago I really needed to lose a lot of pounds, because of a disease, with problems in my legs and back. Knowing how diets didn’t work for me, my doctor, physiotherapist and I came up with some ideas to try out.

When you have to lose weight nutritionists and most doctors focus on what you should eat and what not. Of course you should try not to eat food that are very high on calories or very fatty. But instead of following a ‘prefab’ diet you should grow into healthy eating habits.

Eat three meals a day, and 2-3 times a day — a well-chosen snack. Never ever skip breakfast! It is important to kick start your ‘food burning oven’, and to make sure you don’t get hungry during the morning, and also to help you to be clear and fit. If you are feeling fit during the day, you will be more active, and that is really the key to losing weight…

What did finally work for me and other women who were rehabilitating and urgently needed to lose weight? Well, it was as simple as this:

1. get physically active regularly, adjusted to your condition and slowly building it up

2. eat three meals a day, all with proteins, and as little (bad) carbohydrates as possible

3. but it’s a good idea to start with a little spoon of honey at breakfast

4. this woman that has tried many diets furiously, but never lost the pounds, lost weight well very regularly.

The amount I lost per week went up and down with how much I exercised.

At 1: try to plan in a more intense kind of exercise three times a week, one you like to do; like Nordic Walking, Power Walking, bike riding or swimming. And try to build in as much activity in your daily routines. I’m sure you have heard this before: try to walk as much as possible during work (especially after meals), take the stairs whenever possible, etc. but it really works! This woman that tried many diets, but never lost the pounds, lost weight in a very regular way. The amount I lost per week went up and down with how much I exercised.

At 2: It is good to have an omelet for a meal, or a hard boiled egg for an in-between snack. Luckily we know now that a few (up to 7) eggs a week is not too bad for your cholesterol levels. There are all kinds of cheeses you can vary with. And don’t forget to eat fish, at least once a week.