3 Reasons Why a Type 2 Diabetes Diet Fails


3 Reasons Why a Type 2 Diabetes Diet Fails

There are 3 basic reasons why a type 2 diabetes diet will fail. It must be stated first that the right diabetic diet can save your life. The diabetic has a poison in their body. The glucose becomes a poison in the bloodstream of a diabetic. The results of this are horrible for the diabetic. Many with this illness will have to have their legs cut off. This is a serious and deadly illness that must be treated quickly. This disease will ruin the body. It is important and wise to stop the spread of this poison glucose that is slowly taking over the body. There are 3 reasons why a type 2 diabetes diet will fail and knowing this can save your body the pain that comes with this disease.

1. The first reason that the diet will fail is the removal of vital nutrients like fat. Many diabetic diets are based on weight loss and not healing. Removing fat is a big mistake. The good fats support the cells that are weak from the poison blood sugar. Fat is an important and necessary nutrient for the body. Do not be fooled into thinking no fat is good, it can hurt you.

2. One of the worst things that most diabetes diets do is to remove sugar. The myth is that sugar causes diabetes; this bad information ha caused people with high blood sugar a lot of health problems. Sugar is the necessary carbohydrate that fuels the cells. The weak feeling that many have on a type 2 diabetes diet is usually from a lack of necessary sugar. Since artificial sweeteners have taken over sugar in the diet diabetes has become worst in the world.

3. The most important reason a typical diabetes diet does not work is due to the lack of healing in it. Few diets heal a diabetic. These diets remove sugar, carbohydrates and fat but this will never heal a diabetic. Diabetes has spread worst with all these diets. The body of a diabetic is not making insulin. Diabetes is an insulin problem not a sugar problem. This is why these diets will never work. There is some good news. There is a type 2 diabetes diet by a filmmaker that has been stopping the illness by healing. This diet has been helping people in an amazing way. If you have type 2 diabetes do not wait, the poison is spreading everyday and you will eventually breakdown. You must find the right healing diet fast.