3 Ingredient Formula For Six Pack Abs

3 Ingredient Formula For Six Pack Abs

There’s no shortcut when you’re on the road to getting six pack abs. Most people fall into the trap of over-hyped ab gadgets or diet fads or the next super fat burning pill. The truth is none of this stuff is necessary to getting slim abs. Below are the ingredients which make up the formula for obtaining six pack abs.

1-Proper Guidance

Without proper guidance from a certified fitness and nutrition expert, you’re going to be wasting most of your time. I’m no fitness expert or dietitian so for me, like most of you out there, getting six pack abs would be all about doing sit-ups and crunches. Wrong. It’s actually about diet and overall exercise than it is about targeted abdominal exercises. You need to know what to eat, when to eat it and what the most effective exercises are for six pack abs.


You won’t achieve anything in life worth achieving without discipline. It takes discipline to save money for something and not spend it frivolously. It takes discipline to eat right every day. It takes discipline to get yourself to the gym or to exercise at home every single day. You must be disciplined or you’ll achieve very little to nothing.


You didn’t get fat overnight. It took months or years of not exercising and not eating right to get to where you are. The same applies now when your goal is to get rid of your belly fat. But the good part is that it’s not going to take you years to melt off your belly fat and get six pack abs. It might take months but if you follow this simple formula, it will not take years at all.