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Is There an Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Is There an Alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What is gastric bypass surgery and what does it do.  Gastric bypass surgery is just one type of surgery that may be used to cause significant weight loss.  To become eligible for this surgery, you must be deemed morbidly obese.  And what is morbidly obese?  Well, there are several different categories that medical professionals look at when determining if you are termed morbidly obese.  Ask your self these four questions:

Are you more than 100 lbs. over your acceptable body weight?

Do you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 41 or highter?

If your Body Mass Index is 36 or higher, do you have any other health issues such as Type II Diabetes or High Blood Pressure?

Have you been on any medically supervised diets and still have not been able to lose weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than you really need to think about making a change in your life. 

Some of us have been at both ends of the spectrum, like me, so I DO know how you feel.  I’ve had the days where I don’t want to even go out of the house because I don’t want to try to find something to wear.  I understand what It’s like to get an invitation to something, anything and the very first thought is, “how much weight can I lose by then”?

This is absolutely no way to go through life.

So is surgery the answer?  It can be because gastric bypass surgery reduced the number of calories you are consuming every day.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.  When you reduce the number of calories being consumed, you lose weight.

One pound of weight loss means you need to reduct your calories by 3500.  Ouch.  That really does seem like a lot.

So, to lose 50 lbs, you would have to consume Zero calories for 50 days.  Well, we know that’s not practicle.  But let’s say, your ideal weight is 150 lbs.  That equates to your body requiring only 1500 calories per day.  It’s a very simple mathematical equation.  Just take your ideal weight and multiply it by 10.  And there you have it, the number of calories you need to consume daily to maintain an ideal weight of 150 lbs.  So if you reduce your caloric intake from 3500 to 1500, you will lose the weight.  How quickly depends on several key factors

How much weight you have to lose

How much you are decreasing your caloric intake

How muhc do you want to exercies.

So this is why gastric bypass is such a popular alternative.  People and professionals know that dieting doesn’t work.I know that and you know that. We know that if you want to lose weight, we just have to reduce the number of calories we are putting into our bodys each and every day.

The surgery reduces your body’s intake of calories. Calorie reduction is accomplished and voila!  The weight begins to fall off.

But what if you could have all this without all the negatives of the surgery:

no down time

no recovery time

no pain

no fighting with insurance companies

no prescriptions

the ability to begin an very modest exercise program immediately

no high priced procedures

There is a way.  The knife is not your only solution.  There is a solution that mimics the surgery and takes a total of 15 seconds each day.…

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Detox Cleanse Diets Can Actually Be Harmful

Detox Cleanse Diets Can Actually Be Harmful

Even a quick, cursory search online for “detox cleanse” will return well over a million results. All these different sites are in addition to the dozens of books in print promoting one type of detox diet or another.

In the non-virtual world health spas often ask, and get, hundreds or thousands of dollars to help their clients “detox” themselves in elegant surroundings.

So, obviously, there is a great interest in the subject even though many medical practitioners and nutritional experts are firm in their belief that detox diets are potentially very dangerous and have no basis in scientific fact.

As most popular “fad” diets, the detox products promise quick weight loss and very often deliver for a short period of time. But such quick, radical weight loss is ultimately unsustainable because that is just not how our bodies have been designed to work.

The fans of detox programs will tell you that the “in the modern world of today” our bodies suffer from constant attacks of toxins such as pesticides, artificial sweeteners, air pollution, and many other causes. Their belief is that the body is not equipped to handle these toxins and needs periodic cleaning out to avoid chronic diseases.

The fallacy of this argument according to many medical professionals is that the human body already has several defense systems in place. The Liver, Kidneys, and the entire gastrointestinal tract all work to eliminate potentially damaging toxins from the body within a few hours of them being ingested.

But, there is a grain of truth behind the majority of detox plans. That idea is to reduce the amounts of junk food, alcohol, and other foods eaten to excess. The danger arises because these plans are so restrictive they don’t allow any foods other than water and raw vegetables or fruit and many also recommend laxatives, colonic irritation, or enemas to increase the process. The result is that any weight loss is water weight and not fat. This weight is quickly regained when the dieter goes off the detox plan and begins to eat a normal diet again.

Detox cleansing and diet plans carry real risk for many groups of people. Anyone with heart disease or diabetes should stay away from any of these programs. Similarly, pregnant or breast feeding women should not attempt a detox plan.

A much better plan is to adopt a low calorie, healthy meal plan balanced with an intelligent exercise program. Your weight loss will not be as dramatic as a detox plan but the weight lost will stay off and you will also be doing wonders for your entire body at the same time. Even moderate weight loss will do great things for your heart, lungs, muscles and joints.

Help your diet plan by adding chia seed to your meal plans. Including chia ensures a steady source of omega-3 fatty acids which are instrumental in lowering cholesterol as well as other vitamins and minerals including calcium, fiber, protein, potassium, iron and others.

Also, chia is hydrophilic which means that it absorbs water at a very high rate, up to nine times its own weight. This property helps keep you hydrated throughout the day and leaves you feeling “full” for a much longer period.…

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Simple Steps To A Better You!

Simple Steps To A Better You!

There are so many Diets and Fads around these days to help you lose weight and look your best.

The goal is to keep off the excess weight. It does not have to be hard or life altering… You just have to take a few easy steps and stick to them.

The most important part of any Health & Fitness program is Commitment. Without showing Commitment you won’t be able to stick to any program for a longer period of time.

The second most important would be to get your mind into a Healthy place. A good attitude helps gain Motivation and most importantly, Confidence.

In fact, just by introducing a very simple step in your daily routine, WATER! By drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, you will be on your way to a cleaner inside! It helps eliminate toxins in your body which then brings glowing skin and healthy hair. Your body is made up of mostly water. When there is a shortage of water in the body (dehydration) you may experience things like bloating and water retention.

Likewise, if you change a few eating habits. You should always give appropriate attention to your dieting habits. You should focus on what you eat; not how much you eat. It would not hurt to consult a Nutritionist TODAY to help you with your Dietary needs. They can tell you what foods are good for you individually and help monitor your salt, sugar, cholesterol and caffeine daily intake.

Move your body daily! This is so IMPORTANT! Just by walking half an hour a day, even if it’s just around your local neighborhood, you are well on your way to a Healthier You! Whatever your age, it is never too late to make an investment in your Health and Fitness. In taking some time and energy today, you will be making an important step in preventing any age related diseases… And it’s a great Anti-Ager!

Join a Club! A Social exercise environment will not only benefit you physically, it will help with getting yourself mentally fit! And… If single, the possibilities are endless as to what fun you may get out of it. You may be looking for a Partner and what a better way to start a life with someone then to have Good Health and Good Attitudes from the very beginning!

If followed, these Simple Steps will get you well on your way to a Better You!…

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Equipment List For Horse Owners

With the ever-increasing range of horse equipment available on the market we took a look at the essentials that every horse owner should have.
Well other than the horse your first thing you would require is a halter. The continental design is the best as it allows for the use of a chain should it be required. Most halters manufactured today are continental in design. Extra features include safety clips (they are important if you intend turning your horse out with a halter on) lining for the nose and poll. Which one you select will largely depend on your budget and taste, as they are available in almost every possible.
Next you will need a lead rope, a thicker softer lead rope is advisable, and if it has a loop on the end cut it off or loosen it, lead reins should never have a loop at the end. Ideally a lead rein should measure between 5-7 feet in length, as they are the most versatile
Spare feeder and water bucket even if your horse is boarded it is advisable to have your own spare set to ensure that should your horse get sick or it’s bucket suddenly disappears your horse does not suffer water deprivation. It is advisable to have at least two hay nets as well
Grooming kit also advisable to have two of if possible allowing for changeover and cleaning without interrupting the grooming routine. Mark your hoofpick well, as it is usually the first thing to wander off in any yard. Invest in a few spares.
Two working bridles, it is advisable when buying a horse to enquire as to the possibilities of getting the bridle with the horse as well, more often than not the seller would be willing to part with the bridle (unless it’s a Keiffer or Stubben that is) Buy a spare bridle and oil it well to have available in the event of the working bridle breaking
Working boots
Brushing boots is advisable for everyday riding, unless your horse requires specialized boots, which you would be informed of when purchasing, or after having had the horse vetted. Speak to your stable manager or instructor as to the most suitable boots.
Saddle a well-fitted saddle that’s to your choice and riding style. Check your saddle every three months to ensure it’s correct fit.
Rugs and clothing
Day sheet, used mostly after bathing a horse to get the coat to lie flat, of for travelling.
Sweat sheet used to cool your horse down and prevent chills on cool or cold days. Often confused with a flysheet, a sweat sheet has the same appearance as a flysheet. It is however heavier and does not have the belly straps
Flysheet if you own a grey horse or one with sweet itch this should be second on your list (after bug spray that is) placed on horses whilst turned out to prevent insect bites and stings.
Exercise blanket. If your horse is to be clipped in the winter and it snows in your area this is a must have, it keeps the back and quarters warm whist working.
Rugs Depending on your stabling arrangements and climate you may require up to three rugs. If stabled your horse could have a lighter duvet rug whilst indoors, and then have this exchanged for a New Zealand or Weatherbeta for when turned out. It is advisable to have at least two turnout rugs should you have wet winters with snow, as this allows for them to dry properly prior to being used on the horse again.
Should your horse live out it would require at least two New Zealand rugs. Ensure that the waterproof lining is intact and not allowing moisture to seep through.
Exercise bandages, these are made of elastic or ribbed fabric, although not as fashionable as boots, exercise bandages have one benefit over boots if applied correctly they are a perfect fit where most boots are only near perfect. Used to protect the legs whilst in work and to support tendons. Also helps with beeping the legs warm in the winter.
Stable bandages these used to be made of wool of flannelling, today they are often made of fleecing. Every owner needs at least one pair on stable bandages; these are used from bandaging for warmth or for the proper drying of legs to extra support for wound dressings.
Medical or First Aid Kit
Regardless of whether your horse is boarded or not every owner should have their own first aid kit, here is the basic kit for horse owners
• Crepe bandages and safety pins
• Scissors
• Cotton wool (lots and lots)
• Disposable nappies
• Thermometer
• Gentian violet spray often referred to as purple spray
• Disinfectant (Hibiscrub or Hibitane is …

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Exercise Will Protect Your Heart – Can I Exercise After a Heart Attack?

Exercise Will Protect Your Heart – Can I Exercise After a Heart Attack?

Exercising regularly is known to reduce the risk of heart disease. It makes the heart muscle both stronger and thicker, which enables it to pump the same volume of blood around the body with fewer beats. This explains why many athletes have a remarkably slow heart rate. All evidence shows that people who exercise regularly and vigorously have a much lower chance of having a heart attack and, if they do have one, they are more likely to survive it.

During strenuous exercise the volume of blood flowing into the heart increases. The greater volume of blood stretches the muscle, and the muscle fibers respond with a stronger, more powerful, contraction. The heart’s muscle bulk increases and its blood vessels proliferate, improving the muscle’s blood supply. In time, the heart becomes more efficient and pumps a greater volume of blood with each stroke, allowing the heart rate to slow down.

Regular exercise also reduces the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in your blood stream. This means that you have a lower risk of angina or of a heart attack. Another reason exercise is good for your heart is that, in conjunction with eating a healthy diet, it helps control your weight. Exercise burns up extra calories, allows a much wider food selection, uses up fat from your body’s reserves, and increases the level at which energy is burned in your tissues at rest, which helps you use excess calories when you are not exercising.

People who are more than 20 percent overweight are more susceptible to high blood pressure and thus much more likely to have heart disease develop.

Exercising regularly after a heart attack has been claimed by some experts to reduce your risk of having another one. Today most doctors allow you to start daily activities (such as walking short distances in your room) within a few days of a heart attack, provided you do not have any complications such as heart failure or an irregular heartbeat. Exercise levels are then gradually increased. Once the damaged area of heart muscle has healed, which usually takes about 6 weeks; most people are allowed to return to their normal activities.

After a heart attack, many people want to know when it is safe to have sex again. Once you can climb up and down stairs without any difficulty, you should be able to cope with the exertion of sexual intercourse, although, at first, you may not be as athletic as you might have been.…

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The Global Guidelines Applied For Diabetes

At present, there is a widespread indication on the best possible management of diabetes, which offers the option of developing the instant and long-term value of the life of persons suffering from the said ailment. Unluckily, such finest management can not reach many possible patients who may benefit. The causes include the dimension and complication of the evidence and the intricacy of diabetes concern itself. One outcome is the deficiency of confirmed gainful resources for care of diabetes. Another outcome is the variety of standards of medical practice.
Guidelines are part of a method that seeks to attend those problems. Several guidelines have come out internationally, nationally and also locally in current years; however, majority of these did not use the accurate new instruction methodologies in identifying and analyzing the evidence. Therefore, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has produced a worldwide guideline, Global Guideline for Diabetes Mellitus type II. The worldwide guideline offers a unique challenge.
Several of the national guidelines attend to a group of persons with diabetes in the perspective of the health care scheme, with the level of nationwide health-care system. This is untrue in the worldwide context, wherein each health-care resource is likely short of funds and the financial support and skills obtainable for health-care differ extensively between nations and also between localities. Published nationwide guidelines appear from fairly resource-wealthy nations and might be of restricted realistic utilization in less resourced countries. Furthermore, they have tried also to make a guideline which is responsive to resource and cost-efficiency issues.
Levels of care approach – the move adopted was to advice the three levels of concern: Standard Care, Minimal Care and Comprehensive Care. The levels of care are new and inventive concept in research of diabetes.
Standard care – the care is based on evidence, cost-effective in majority of countries with well improved services based and having health-care financial backing system which consumes an important part of the national wealth.
Minimal care – it is the care which seeks to attain the prime objectives of the management. However, it is given in health-care set with extremely incomplete resources – drugs, technologies, procedures and personnel.
Comprehensive car – this is a care based on few evidence that is given in health-care system with significant resources.…

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How Aerobic or Cardio Exercises Can Help to Lose Weight?

How Aerobic or Cardio Exercises Can Help to Lose Weight?

Aerobic or cardio exercises are very popular these days and it is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for weight loss. It is said that cardio exercises are the real secret to lose body fat. Aerobic exercises are considered to be effective work out activity which puts our heart, lungs and in fact our complete body to action.

When we talk about losing weight it is also essential to consider one of the other factor which is equally important as exercise and that is diet. It is very important that you lower your intake of calories and increase the total amount of calories that you burn. Hence diet and exercises are very closely related to each other when we talk about losing fat. Diet control without proper exercising may not be able to provide you with the desired result.

First of all, you need to choose the aerobic or cardio exercises which are best suitable for you. Select the activities which you like and make an exercising schedule according to your convenience. But morning time is considered to be the best time for exercise because the carbohydrate content is our body is very less at this time.

There are basically two different opinion groups when it comes to aerobic or cardio exercises the first one believing in being ‘slow & steady’ and the other group which believes in ‘high intensity’. According to some, the high intensity aerobic exercises are the best way to lose fat permanently. It is found to be very beneficial for people with slow metabolism rate. It not only helps in burning calories but also helps in efficiently burning the accumulated fat.

But it does not mean at all that aerobic exercises at lower intensity do not work. Basically the aerobic exercises provide similar results irrespective of being done at low, moderate or high rates provided it is done on regular basis and according to the given guidelines. It provides various health benefits such as improvement in metabolic rate, burning of fats, strengthening of muscles that are used in respiration and overall helps in keeping us healthy.

Aerobic or cardio exercises have undoubtedly got lots of benefits specially if continued for longer period of time and effectively. These types of exercises have without any doubt given the desired results in losing weight.…