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I Thought ObamaCare Was Supposed to Be the Affordable Health Care Act?

Indeed, sometimes I feel like we were sold a bill of goods, or that Congress approved the bill for the Affordable Health Care Act before they read what was in it. That sounds rather ridiculous doesn’t it? Although, that is what Nancy Pelosi said to CNN, FOX, CBS, and MSNBC reporters the night before the ObamaCare vote. Perhaps, this is more common than you think, and if so there is a very good book I believe you should read titled; “What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?” which was written by a former influential DC legislator.
Let me give you an example of some of the hypocrisy which is going on in the real world. The Affordable Health Care Act was supposed to make health care more affordable, it hasn’t. Health care costs have increased between six and 8.5% each year since President Obama has been in office and since ObamaCare has been in existence, and the more onerous costs and restrictions are still to come in 2014, some start right now in 2013 as it is phased-in.
The LA Times had an article recently titled “Insurer Plans 12% Rate Hike” by Chad Terhune which noted that “Health insurer Blue Shield of California wants to raise rates as much as 20% for some individual policy holders, prompting calls for the nonprofit to use some of its record-high reserve of $3.9 Billion to hold down premiums.”
Indeed, I know this is true because I myself have watched my premiums go up, even though I have never used them. Apparently, I am paying for everyone else’s increased costs due to this new law. We were all told that we would save money, that we would receive refunds, and that the government could run our health care system better than private enterprise. We should have known better, because the big blob of bureaucracy has never been able to run more efficient than free enterprise, not only our own country, but everywhere else as well.
Socialism doesn’t work, and nationalizing industries only makes them more inefficient. If you are wondering what’s hurting the economies of Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and most of the nations in the Middle East, well, it is all about centralized control over industry, and the inefficiencies of socialism. We need not do that there, but apparently we have some left-leaning leadership that has fooled the masses into following the pied piper off the economic cliff of despair.
That’s unfortunate for such a great and strong nation which has become the economic powerhouse of the world thanks to free-market capitalism. Indeed, I’d like you will sit back for a moment and consider all this and think on it.…

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Beating the Exercise Blah’s

Beating the Exercise Blah’s

Exercise isn’t just about getting on a treadmill and slogging away for 30 minutes listening to Twisted Sisters’ “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and praying the fat pounds burn away faster than the muscle pounds take over the scale. Exercise should be exciting and fun and lure you off the couch and away from the chips. That is the problem with exercise today. we know we should do it, we buy the gym memberships to motivate ourselves, but then we stall when it comes to get in the car to drive to the gym.

Many people look at exercise as tedious and boring and think they have to do the hardest, most intensive exercises day after day to get the toned body they are looking for. Even gym’s cater to this notion by having TV’s and radios in abundance as they line the walls with the treadmills and stair-steppers that we expect to melt the pounds off the fastest. The truth is that it is better for your body to vary your exercise routine. It surprises your muscles and forces them to keep adjusting as you adjust your routine.

Think back to when you were a kid. There was recess that included kickball, jump rope, hula hooping, playing tag, and plain old running around with your friends. Depending on your current physique and abilities, there are a plethora of opportunities out there to melt the calories off and to lose the icky butt dimples. Trust me, even skinny girls without the right activity’s get those nasty divots.

1. Jump rope. They’re cheap, they’re fun, and they burn calories.

2. Dancing. Whether it’s ballet, waltz, swing, or plain free-form, it feels good to cut loose and dance your heart out.

3. Racquetball/Tennis. Nothing lets off steam and gets you moving like taking a racquet and hitting a ball as hard as you can. If you like to smack the ball more than chase it, stick with racquetball.

4. Golf – without the cart. The fun of walking coupled with new scenery while chasing a little white ball.

5. And if it’s your cup of tea, dust off the treadmill, put on Twisted Sister and have at it.

My point is that moving is good. Faster moving is better. Going as fast as you can all the time… well, don’t push it. You don’t want to hurt yourself and go backwards. Most of all, find something you like and do it often.…

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Swimming – A Refreshing Exercise

Swimming – A Refreshing Exercise

Unlike many other work outs, swimming is a refreshing exercise on account of its unique, distinguishing features. All the exercises, including swimming, generate heat but not all of them have an in built system to cool your body or wipe your perspiration and to continually keep you clear of the consequent odorous perspiration. It is an established fact that water cooling; as in swimming is superior to air cooling; as in jogging, hence it is most prevalent in auto designs too.

Another unique feature of this exercise is that, water becomes your confidante, and your soul mate that can freely touch all of your senses and body, while you swim. Charlie Chaplain, the funniest person once spoke; perhaps the saddest words, that, “I like to walk in rain, so no one can see my tears.” Rain factor is beyond our control but to plan for swimming at our own will is very much within our means and reach.

Will, is the only prerequisite to learn how to swim. Where there is will there is way. You can start learning about the swimming basics right during the course of this reading. However it is said that ‘well begun, is half done’. So to begin, the best way is to start under guidance of a swimming coach who in the very beginning shall let you know about the swimming costume, the need for goggles, other swimming accessories and the protocol to be observed.

Cleanliness of the swimming pool water is more than a word. It has to be absolutely free of any disease causing microbes. Usually chlorine, bromine, ozone or their combination at safe dosage level is used as disinfectant. New entrants are always afraid of water but once they learn the basic swimming and become acquainted to it, they start enjoying and develop a unique type of friendship with water.

Friendship with water is a very refreshing experience and this is why the swimmers always get attracted to this sport and for most of the swimmers it is a lifelong experience. A swimmer’s fitness is considered ideal. Another unique parameter of this sport is that, it is not strenuous. Water tends to lift the body therefore underwater, one feels noticeably light. It is therefore recommended even for senior citizens who can move their joints more easily and can improve their wellness.

Swimming is recommended as a lifelong exercise on account of its health benefits, recognized by health authorities all over the world. What smoking is to the lungs, swimming is absolutely not to them, and it is the least of the swimming benefits.

Another very important but lesser proclaimed aspect of swimming is that it brings a pleasant change to our sometimes prolonged monotonous life.

Absolute silence is non existent in this world and it would have been unbearable if ever it existed. When we say that we visit a beach in search of tranquility and an environment, free of noise pollution, we really mean to say that we intend to search a different noise, like the noise of waves instead of the auto traffic noise. When you are underwater, you experience a different noise level; a tranquil and refreshing experience indeed.

By: Zubair Tahir…

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Men'S Health

Safety At Home For Children

We all think our home is safe for our children, but until you get on your child’s level you can’t be sure. Even before your baby begins to crawl, walk and climb you should start looking for hazards. The best way to determine what may harm your baby is to get on the floor and crawl around at a toddler’s level.
Some general things to look for are cords on blinds, chemicals in low cabinets, outlets, sharp edges on furniture, small toys or jewelry within a child’s reach, and things to climb. There are lots of devices on the market today that you can use to protect your child against these hazards. However, nothing replaces proper supervision of your baby and child.
Chemicals and other toxic substances should be placed out of the reach of your child or cabinet safety locks should be installed. You can purchase specially made soft bumpers to place on the edges of sharp furniture, or simply tape a wadded cloth on the corners. Cords on blinds should hang individually or be rolled up out of baby’s reach. You can also get child safety locks for drawers. Tall furniture that can be climbed should be anchored to wall to prevent it being pulled over on the child.
You should also make sure the areas where your child plays are kept picked up free of small objects. Cords for appliances should not hang down off counter within your child’s reach. Keep handles on pots turned toward the wall to prevent accidental spilling. Sharp objects like knives and forks should be kept out of reach.
Your child’s safety is very important and parents should take all the necessary precautions to prevent injury. A child does not know what will harm him and what will not, he is constantly learning and everything looks fun to him. You can never prevent every injury or protect against all hazards, but using common sense will prevent most injuries.…

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Various Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast With the Assistance of a Fitness Manual

Various Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast With the Assistance of a Fitness Manual

Now, if there is one problem that a lot of people are still grappling with in the world today is excessive weight gain, which is caused by too much junk food consumption. But with the help of a fitness manual by your side, and a few ideas that you can try out will greatly reduce the excess fat in your body to give you that youthful figure that you had in the past.

Although it is a process that takes some time, you as the victim have to show a lot of perseverance as well as discipline if at all you want to get rid of your current body stance. So, with the fitness manual by your side, what are some of the tips that can help you lose weight within the shortest period possible? The first thing you should try out is consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, and avoid foods that are rich in fats.

With this in mind, you can have a daily follow-up activity that you can be doing, like taking a simple walk, if at all you find vigorous exercises a little difficult to handle. This should prompt you to eat very health foods and do a few light exercises from the fitness manual guidebook.

The second tip is to eat healthy balanced foods, which should contain more vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking green tea after every hearty meal you take. This method is very effective, especially for those who prefer to slim the natural way. Less consumption of calories will greatly help in reducing your body weight as well, since too much calories in the body tend to slow down the body’s metabolism rate, hence adding onto the already accumulated weight.

This is one tough decision that a lot of people may not take kindly, but it is the only way out of the weighty problem. Moreover, when you tend to eat foods less in calories and perform various exercises from the fitness manual, then your essential body metabolism rate is bound to bounce back into shape sooner than you expected. Did you know that drinking a lot of water can as well help you in losing weight fast?

In fact, when you are on a strict diet to losing weight, your body needs to be hydrated all the time in order to maintain its optimum levels as well as minimize the additional weight gain and water retention that may be present in the body. With a little exercise boost, you are ready to go. Other tips to help you lose weight faster comprise of eating foods rich in the potassium mineral, proteins, daily exercises using the fitness manual book or video, a good diet plan and having a positive mind throughout.…

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The Ease of Buying Individual Health Insurance

There used to be so many variables when even attempting to purchase insurance coverage that the consumer was often left confused. Not to mention the whole process had to be handled by an agent who claimed to know what was best for the individual. Well those days are long gone and now the process of buying individual health insurance is both easy and convenient.
Many changes have occurred within the industries that are beneficial to the everyday individual. Purchasing insurance is now as easy as picking up the phone or even utilizing the Internet. Gone are the days of needing an insurance agent who always had just the right policy at an astronomical rate. Now the control to find the best coverage is in the hands of each individual.
Competition is fierce within the insurance industry and companies are trying to outdo each other. Buying individual health insurance has become much less of a burden to the consumer because of this. The price of insurance and the coverage provided can be curtailed to fit into most budgets and still provide security. Another benefit is that anyone can access the information needed to make a decision about health care on their own.
Resources are available to aid the consumer in discovering both the options and premiums offered with these plans. There are no more standard one size fits all policies that require payment for services that are not needed or even wanted. Every potential insured has the capability of picking only the coverage that is needed at an affordable cost.
Buying individual health insurance means purchasing what is needed without added coverage increasing the premiums. There are a variety of options available when choosing the right plan from full coverage to a supplemental policy for added protection. Deciding what type of plan is best should be the first step in obtaining information.
Once the decision has been made as to the benefits needed, start comparing prices between carriers. There are a variety of ways to decrease the amount spent out of pocket as well as ways to keep the overall cost of the plan down. Being an informed consumer is a smart consumer when it comes to purchasing insurance.
Take the time to find out what options are available and the surprise might be that great coverage is available at a reasonable rate. The control is in your hands when it comes to health care and the purchase. Buying individual health insurance can be done with ease and still provide peace of mind.…

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Short Term Health Insurance Savings

Companies are now offering high end insurance plans at short term prices that are lower than many companies are providing for their employees. If you work at a company that is not providing you a lot of coverage, you need to make sure that you’re doing well in regards to a lot of medical coverage. Yes, you need to make sure that you’re not lacking in regards to protecting your family. You’re going to see a brighter future if you’re willing to step up to the plate and look at policies rather than just signing whatever thing you find that covers you for the moment.
If you’re self employed, or recently unemployed you should look into the steady short term health insurance plans that are available to you and your family at a low cost. There are simply too many companies out there competing to get you the best price possible. Seriously, don’t be left behind the curve and don’t let the lights go out on your attempts to make something better than the rest. You need to make sure that you’re making good overall moves in regards to your health and the health of your loved ones.
If you’re not careful, health reform might end your coverage. So make sure your tied down with a great costing high end plan. If you don’t understand the plans terms, ask someone to go over them with you and enjoy the great peace of mind that comes from being protected against medical bills and more.…