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Common Sense Diet Tips

Common Sense Diet Tips

Anyone who has tried to lose weight can testify that it is a difficult process. Dieters are bombarded with information on the proper way to lose weight resulting in confusion and poor decision making. In America alone, consumers spend billions of dollars each year on the weight loss industry yet very few ever find tangible success.

In reality, losing weight is a matter of educating yourself and understanding that it is hard work and takes incredible willpower. Here are a few simple and free tips that can help with your weight loss journey.

First, it is imperative that you keep a food journal. In this journal, write down everything you eat during the day, what the time was when you ate it and the way you are feeling at that time. After a week or so, you will have a blueprint of what you are doing wrong and if emotional eating is playing a part in your weight loss frustrations.

It is also imperative to set short term and long term goals that are reachable. Most people want to be thin overnight or lose 10 pounds in a week. Dieters must realize that patience is a virtue. Set a goal of 1 to 2 pounds weight loss every week and 5-10 pounds a month. With this approach, you will lose weight steadily and can lose anywhere from 60 -100 pounds in a year depending on your beginning body size!

One of the most overlooked and easiest ways to lose weight is to drink a ton of water every day. A minimum of 6-8 large glasses should be your goal. This will dull your appetite, making you feel full and resulting in much less food intake. Also, your body needs water for every cellular process that takes place so keeping yourself saturated will also improve your overall health.

Also, you should try finding a substitute for eating. The best substitute is activity. When you feel hunger pains, talk a walk, play with the kids, clean the house, etc. This will remove stress and burn calories at the same time. If the hunger was emotional, then you weren’t actually hungry anyway.

There are many other free and common sense tips out there for dieting. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy and spend hard earned money on pills and exercise equipment. Try the common sense approach first.…

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Horatio Bunce Sets Davy Crockett on the Path to Protect the Constitution

In the first installment of this series about Davy Crockett you learned how his meeting with Horatio Bunce set him straight concerning the use of Constitutional power by a Congressman. What was the force acting upon Horatio Bunce that gave him the ability to think so cogently about government and an understanding of the “chains of the Constitution”? Davy Crockett reveals the probable answer to this question as he tells of his lifelong relationship with Mr. Bunce.
The following admission from Davy Crockett makes it evident that Horatio Bunce was a Christian:
“I have told you Mr. Bunce converted me politically. He came nearer converting me religiously than I had ever been before. He did not make a very good Christian of me, as you know; but he has wrought upon my mind a conviction of the truth of Christianity, and upon my feelings a reverence for its purifying and elevating power such as I had never felt before.
“I have known and seen much of him since, for I respect him – no, that is not the word – I reverence and love him more than any living man, and I go to see him two or three times every year; and I will tell you sir, if every one who professes to be a Christian lived and acted and enjoyed it as he does, the religion of Christ would take the world by storm.”
As a lively Christian, Horatio Bunce understood the depravity of the soul of man from a Biblical perspective. He once said to Davy Crockett, “The power of collecting and disbursing money at pleasure is the most dangerous power that can be entrusted to men…” In this statement you can see that Horatio Bunce understood that civil magistrates must be checked by a higher law than their own. He understood the covenantal nature of the American government, and he understood that Davy Crockett, and indeed, all officials of the American system must be chained by the charter of the covenant – by the Constitution.
Finally Horatio Bunce understood that he had a responsibility to know the covenant that chained his elected officials, so that he could maintain a check on them. It is only through a populace that knows the charter of the nation that the civil authorities will be held in check to that charter. Christians should know that just as the church and her officials must be governed by the Holy Scriptures, government officials must be governed by their Constitution.…

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5 Things You Should Do to Lose Weight Naturally

5 Things You Should Do to Lose Weight Naturally

Here are five things you should do if you want to lose weight naturally:

1. Food Control.

Food is vital for our life, because this is the source of human life. Unfortunately, food also the root problems of obesity. To start weight loss, you must begin to control the food you eat.

Basically, all of food that have nutritions are good for human body. They might contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals required by the body. The body needs them for the metabolism. This process will produce energy needed to support all the system activity, and also for the cell regeneration.

If you consume excess nutrients, the body will store them in various forms like glycogen, fatty acids, cholesterol, etc. Hence you have to control what we consume precisely to avoid surplus of fat.

It is better to consume various fruits and vegetables. This will make you feel full and also avoid hunger. Choose fruits that contain high fiber like mango and pineapple. This fiber is very useful to bind excess fat at meals.

2. Reduce Meal Portions.

Reducing meal portions is one method to lose weight. Be careful with the wrong way in reducing meals. You should reduce meal portions, especially those that contain lots of carbohydrates. It’s not suggested to skip meals as well, because it will trigger you to eat more.

Reducing the portion of the meal should be done slowly and gradually. It is not recommended to reduce it suddenly become just a half portion. It will make you easily feel hungry, and you’ll suffer dizziness and weak. That’s not what we expect.

3. Drink Enough Water.

Human body contains 70%-80% of water. That’s why it is vital to drink enough fresh water. Drinking enough water will keep liquid balance in the body and avoid dehydration. Drink fresh water for 6 to 8 glasses a day.

Water has a function as a catalyst in the body’s metabolism, particularly carbohydrate and fat metabolism. With drinking more water, it is expected to use a lot of carbohydrate and fat on the metabolism process. This will gradually reduce that stored fat in the body.

Water is also important as the diluent of our blood. So the blood can flow smoothly when distributing food substance and nutrients to entire body parts to fulfill their needs.

4. Exercises.

Exercise has been proven to reduce weight significantly. This can easily burn fat and lose weight. The basic principle here is burning lots of calories from carbohydrates and fats stored in the body. Exercise should be done regularly, and do not push yourself too much. Regular exercise is better than random and extreme one.

5. Discipline.

If you want to lose weight, you should note this point as the most important thing, it’s a self-discipline. You need discipline to do anything that could help you losing weight. If you avoid discipline, then you will never achieve the ideal weight you desired.

My final suggestion is no matter what direction you choose to lose weight, you’d better consult the experts. They’ll guide you to the best method of losing weight according to your need. They, of course, will accompany you during your journey on losing weight.…

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10 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

10 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

After a long day of work, the last thing you are in the mood for is hitting the gym. You want to go home, plaster yourself on the couch and enjoy a bit of mindless entertainment for a few hours.

There is no need for your body to suffer though. You can still get a good workout in front of the TV.

There are several simple but effective exercises that you can do in front of the TV.

1. Jogging on the spot

Everyone remembers this one from gym class. Jogging on the spot is a great way to fit in some cardio. For every hour of TV, there are usually 15-20 minutes of commercials (ridiculous, I know). If you watch 2 hours of TV a night, you can end up exercising for 30-40 minutes daily.

2. Push-ups

You might hate push-ups but they are a great way to work out the chest, shoulder and tricep areas. If you find push-ups difficult you can try doing them on your knees to start off with then work up to keeping your legs straight and dare I say it, one handed push ups.

3. Work out DVD

Work out DVD’s were made for exercising in front of the TV. Just pop one in and start moving along. YouTube has some great videos like this one, or you can go the paid route and buy one from Amazon. This one is my favourite.

4. Exercise ball

However tempting it may be to sit down on your couch, use an exercise ball instead. Your body has to respond to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging more muscles. This leads to your abs and back muscles getting a good workout.

5. Exercise machine

An exercise machine like a treadmill, bike, rower or stair stepper all offer a great workout. They used to be very expensive but nowadays anyone can afford one. Here is an inexpensive one.

An exercise machine is the easiest, most convenient way to exercise in front of the TV.

6. Jumping Jacks

Relive the time when you were a kid and had to do jumping jacks in gym class. They get the heart pumping and offer a great high intensity workout. You can burn 10 calories a minute simply by doing jumping jacks. 2 hours of TV a night with 3 commercial breaks per hour lasting 5 minutes leads to 300 calories burnt, all without a minute of missing your favourite TV show.

7. Shadow Boxing

During the commercials, get up off the couch, keep your feet moving and start to throw some punches. It is a great way to tone your arms and lose some calories.

8. Crunches

The best exercise to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles are crunches. Start off with only 10 (you should feel the burn) and work your way up to 50 without stopping.

If you hate doing crunches then tense your abs and then release them while sitting on the couch. Do 50 repetitions every commercial break and you’ll be on your way to a six pack in no time.

9. Switch it up

To keep you from getting bored of doing the same exercises, switch it up. When you watch a comedy, jog on the spot, a drama show, do some push-ups, a reality show, work the abs. This will make sure you don’t get bored and all the muscle groups are worked.

10. Lay off the snacks

Lucky for us there are 2 ways to lose weight; exercise and eating less.

Nights will come when you can’t seem to work up the motivation to exercise, lay off the snacks as an alternative to exercising that night.…

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Medical Bill Help

After a recent stay in the hospital following an emergency or planned procedure there is usually something in common. The cost of the visit is expensive, and getting more expensive. While recent progress with the health care reform has shown promise for changes to the system, it is putting a toll on things now. Health care costs are high, and so are health insurance premiums. Furthermore, these costs continue to rise. With that, people are having more problems when trying to pay their medical bills and afford health insurance.
If you are having trouble paying your medical bills, there are a few options you should consider before seeking any alternative routes of payment. First, you should always review the medical bills carefully for any errors. Often times, mistakes are made and those mistakes are costly. Saving a few hundred dollars due to finding an error could be a significant help.
You could also try notifying the health care provider or hospital of your financial situation. It is much better for the billing issues to be handled with these people, instead of having your account go into collections. You might want to talk directly with the billing manager or your doctor to expedite the process.
You can also try to negotiate your bill with your health care provider or hospital. Often times, they would rather negotiate and have you pay a portion of your bill, than lose the entire amount. Just be sure to request a written statement detailing the payment plan.
There are also some charity programs that offer financial assistance to people who can’t pay their medical bills so be sure to check into those as well.…

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5 Safety Measures to Put in Place Before Implementing in Home Care

In home care can be a blessing, when elderly home health care is started in a home and done right. We all hear the horror stories of the individuals that took advantage of that aging senior while providing care for them. Many times, this occurred right under the noses of the family.
There are many safety measures you can take to protect yourself before you begin in home health care. If you are reading this, and have not taken these steps, it is not too late. I will address five of them today.
There are many good people in health care. But I am an individual that believes you should not tempt fate. You cannot put a price tag on preventing something disastrous from happening to your family. In home health care means bring strangers into your home. Many of these strangers, over time, will grow to be like your own family. Minor problems with any situation are not uncommon. There is always an adjustment period, for the aging senior family member as well as the health care workers.
The more serious problems, fraud, theft and abuse are rare. But, it does occur. So it is my goal to help you not to become a victim. I have had the opportunity of compiling a list of things that family members have shared with me. Many have had had some very unpleasant experiences and do not want others to have the same things happen to them.
The most simple advice is to use common sense and do not make anything of value easily available to anyone that is coming and going from the house. Sounds simple enough, but you do not think about keeping alcohol or narcotics locked up.
More on in home care and safety
Do not allow anyone to bring in the mail or make the mail available to anyone in the house. Credit card statements and bank account numbers make an individual a target for easy prey.
It is important that you take the time to make a room that you can lock up the valuable knick knacks, jewelry, credit cards, checkbooks etc. You may feel like these are extreme measures, but when you put things away and make them inaccessible it protects the health care worker as much as it does you and your family member from theft. It not only removes the temptation to take things it also protects the in home health care worker from being accused of taking something if it comes up missing. And I will tell from personal experience that things do get lost, or misplaced and even stolen by other family members.
Do not allow the wallet or the credit cards of the aging senior to be available to any outside help. Remove money, social security anything that can be used to steal an identity or obtain credit. If you have an aging senior that is adamant about keeping their wallet and having a credit card, get one with a very low limit, as in a few hundred dollars. Be sure to monitor the activity on this card online or monthly if not more often.
If you have a senior that is at home and uses a computer, make sure that their personal information or areas where they pay bills etc is password protected. It is important to make the computer off limits as a house rule. If you are not going to be able to monitor the activity when you are not there, just be on the safe side and make certain areas on the computer password protected just in case.
In home care allows caregivers freedom and the ability to carry on their lives while trying to honor the wishes of their loved one and keep them at home. The individuals that work and provide care for elderly home health care are very special people, kind and caring. When you find a good employee, treat them like gold, because they are priceless. Just use common sense and protect yourself and give yourself peace of mind.…

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Using Breathing Techniques For Anger Management

Using Breathing Techniques For Anger Management

The best time to use a breathing technique to manage your angry outbursts is while you are calm and happy. If you can get in the practice of doing this simple, yet effective breathing exercise several times a day while you are calm and in a good mood the positive effect it will have on your emotional balance will speed up quickly.

The idea of “nipping your anger in the bud” gives your mind a practiced place or habit to return to when you find yourself losing control. I found that by doing this exercise in the morning, whenever I could during the workday and as I fell asleep made a huge difference in my ability to return to a calmer state of being when I felt my anger creeping up inside me.

If you can do this exercise as you see the first signs of anger building up in you, then you’ll be able to go to that calm place within yourself quicker than if you don’t use this technique.

If you try using it when you are wound up and seething with anger, it will take a lot longer to get into the rhythm of the breathing cycle that induces the inner peace. It can be done, but if you practice it before you get to this state, you’ll have an easier time accessing this state when you find yourself out of alignment with your Inner Peaceful Self.

Here’s the exercise:

This a classic technique of breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and release for 4 counts. Just follow your natural rhythm. Don’t force yourself to breathe faster or slower, let it come naturally. Close your eyes and imagine the number you are saying in your mind’s eye as you’re counting. This helps to give you something to focus on until you find the calming effect of the exercise.

At first you’ll be counting quickly. Don’t worry. That is to be expected. Simply continue to do this for several minutes, reminding yourself that with each full cycle of 4-4-4 you are getting closer to that calmer natural state that is inherently yours.

Repeat statements like:

“I’m getting calmer with each breath cycle.”

“The more I practice, the calmer I see myself in the future.”

“This is really working. I feel so calm.”

For increased benefit, write down how good you feel in your journal, extending the feeling of peacefulness even longer.

Remember that it takes time to change a habit and that your best path to a happier, more relaxed and zen life is to take it one step, one action at a time. Everyday you do this exercise, you’ll be one day closer to an improved you.…