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Vermont Takes the Lead in Genuine, Effective Medical System Reform

An unlikely experiment is underway in one of the few American states where conservatives were unable to convince majorities of the populace to view government leadership as the Devil’s preferred path to socialism, if not Stalinism. Vermont, a bastion of good sense in this benighted era of irrationality, is one of, if not the, best of the states. The newly-elected governor, Peter Shumlin, wants to overhaul the state’s medical system. His plan for doing so is nothing less than the boogeyman to the Tea Party types, namely, single payer. Watch out for death panels! The governor’s goal is nothing less than a public option for the entire state. Best of all, there is no role in single payer as the governor sees it for the rapacious insurance companies. Michael Moore must be besides himself with joy.
Of course, a waiver from the federal government to implement a single payer plan will be required. The new governor believes that “the waiver is the easy part. The hard part is designing a single payer health care system that works and that delivers quality health care, gets insurers off our providers’ backs and has a reimbursement system that makes sense.” He adds, I believe if we design that system, we can sell it.”
The new governor sees the shift to single payer as an economic necessity as well as a move that will boost quality of life. A plot line showing a steep upward trajectory of rising costs convinced him that a single payer plan is essential. He has stated that such a big step is needed for the well-being of government itself, as well as companies and the citizens of Vermont.
The governor argues that costs will increase a billion dollars in the next year in Vermont. The average family will pay $7,000 more. This is on top of $32,000 paid now. This hurts the state economy and increases property taxes.
The governor campaigned on single payer, so the ambitious redesign plan comes as no surprise to voters. Key features include:
* Health benefits managed directly through citizens, not employers.
* Reimbursement related to outcomes, not pay for treatment/fee for service.
* Reliance placed on upgraded standards of uniform medical records and payments.
* Plans for implementing a single payer system and other options are shaped by the state legislature. The head of this study, a Harvard Economics Professor, made his own position clear in a New York Times interview: “You can have universal coverage and good quality health care while still managing to control costs. But you have to have a single-payer system to do it.” (See Anne Underwood, “Health Care Abroad,” The Business of Health Care, NY Times, November 3, 2009.)
In Vermont, unlike my own hapless state of Florida, Democrats control the executive and legislative branches. This makes prospects for a single payer system more likely than in most other states, if not any other state.
My chief wellness adviser in Vermont, Dr. Judd Allen, reported this week that the governor’s election and the drive to adopt a single payer health system in Vermont, “is perhaps one of the few bright spots in the election results. I worked very hard in Shumlin’s campaign and we only won by a few thousand votes. It is a big deal. I’ve written our governor-elect about helping with the transition.”
If the governor puts Dr. Allen on the case, look for Vermont to become a national model for the future of American medical system reform.
Be well and look on the bright side, even if you don’t have the good fortune to live in Vermont.…

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Think Working Out Will Help You Lose Weight? Make Sure You Are Doing It Right

Think Working Out Will Help You Lose Weight? Make Sure You Are Doing It Right

If you want to lose weight, you probably already know that’s best done in two parts: watching what you eat and exercising. But that’s often easier said than done.

To lose one pound a week, you need to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories. That means every day, you need to create a 500 calorie deficit. How are you going to do that?

Do it by cutting 250 calories from your diet, and then burning another 250 calories through exercise. It’s a simple equation but not always easy. Far too often, people underestimate what they’re eating and overestimate the amount they’re burning through exercise – both of which equal a weight loss plateau.

Burning 250 calories a day through exercise doesn’t have to be hard. If you do it right, you’ll find you’re burning those calories with no problem. If you want your fitness routine to support your weight loss, get the go-ahead from your doctor to exercise. Then try following these guidelines:

Get out of your comfort zone: Instead of investing in a fancy heart rate monitor, use something called “perceived rate of exertion” to gauge how hard you’re working during a workout. Use a scale of one to 10, with one being the amount of energy it takes to walk around the block and 10 being such vigorous exercise that you cannot speak. Aim for between seven and an eight for your workout – where you can speak a sentence, but can’t carry on a full conversation. That’s when your body will start to say, “This is new – I need to use some more energy (i.e. burn calories).”

Don’t overestimate: We’ve all done it: hopped on the treadmill or elliptical trainer, worked out for 20 minutes or so and marveled at how many calories the machine says we’ve burned. The problem is that number is often overestimated and doesn’t take into account factors like your gender, age, weight and height. Instead, try to get an accurate estimate of how many calories you burn by using an online activity calculator that requires you to enter your gender, weight, etc. This way, you won’t overestimate how many calories you’re burning during an activity.

Make it sustainable: Yes, you want to burn calories, but don’t go too gung-ho on your activity – you’ll never be able to sustain that level of activity in the long term. If you say, I’m going to five spinning classes a week, that’s going to last two weeks. After that, your legs will be fried and you’re going to give up.

Don’t sweat it: Sweating during an activity is great, but don’t automatically assume that the amount of sweat you produce equals a huge calorie burn. Sweat is just water weight. You should be replacing that water during and after your workout. Sweat loss does not equal fat loss. How much you sweat also depends on where you’re doing an activity. For example, you’ll sweat a ton during a gentle hot yoga class, but you won’t burn a ton of calories. Or, you may not sweat very much on an outdoor run in the middle of winter, but you may burn a decent amount of calories.

Keep it varied: The more you do an activity, the more your body gets used to it – and therefore it burns fewer calories. An experienced marathon runner, for example, will burn fewer calories on a 10K run than a new runner because the marathoner’s body is far more used to running. By changing up your workout from time to time, you’ll keep putting new stress on the body and it won’t adapt by expending fewer calories.…

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Get Rid Of Belly Fat – Learn To Get Rid Of Belly Fat The Right Way!

Get Rid Of Belly Fat – Learn To Get Rid Of Belly Fat The Right Way!

Getting rid of belly fat is one of the greater concerns plaguing many people who are looking for a slimmer, leaner figure. Especially in men who are genetically pre-disposed to storing excess calories in the form of fat in the midsection area, greater effort is required to be able to maintain your midsection. To get rid of belly fat, one has to follow a specific set of guidelines pertaining to dieting and cardiovascular exercises so that the body can metabolize the excess fat and give you a healthier waistline.

The first step when you want to get rid of belly fat is to cut back on calories. Of all the substances that we take in on a daily basis, none is more damaging than fat and calories. However, because we consume a greater volume of calories in the form of pasta, rice, sugar and even grains, we are more inclined to pick up a fuller belly from calories. Fat carries its own risks that lead to a rounder shape but by-and-large, pay attention to your calorie intake. The most important tenet in weight loss is that the more calories you expend and the lesser you consume the better it is for your body. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but for the most part, expect this rule to hold in your case.

To cut down on calories and get rid of belly fat, learn to calorie count. That means paying attention to the nutrition value in most food packaging. Learn to look at the recommended serving sizes and base your calorie count on the actual amount you consumed so you can better estimate what you are taking in. For best results, find diet plans on the internet that give you target calorie consumption. There are diet plans for men and women that are catered to give you exactly what you need – whether that is 1,800 calories or even more conservative 1,200 diet plans, you are more able to stick to your diet with a plan that you can follow.

From dieting, it will become apparent that some foods are more beneficial than others. Beer, sugar-rich foods, sweets and even salty foods all have their evil sides especially if consumed in excess amounts. Staying away from inordinate consumption of these food types will do wonders for your tummy and should help you sport a leaner waistline in a shorter amount of time.

After dieting, the next crucial thing to consider is exercise. Cardiovascular training is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat because it burns a high number of calories and consumes the body’s fat reserves. Use this to your advantage by incorporating cardio training to your routine.

A final word on strength training: strengthening your abdominal muscles will not help you lose the fat in the area. Strength training is beneficial for other muscle groups such as those in the arms, legs and back but when it comes to the stomach, there isn’t much that you can expect from a belly fat reduction perspective. You can either choose to work other parts of your body to give the appearance of a smaller belly in proportion to your muscles or concentrate on dieting and cardio training to get rid of belly fat and enjoy the benefits of a leaner figure faster and more effectively. Always remember that more work means more results and the faster you want to realize your goal, the more you need to put in the required effort to achieve your goals.…

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Pink V Blue – Will The Traditional Baby Colors For The Sexes Last?

During the last several decades, many gender stereotypes have been eliminated. But there is still at least one that stands strong without any indication that it is going anywhere soon – pink v. blue. Of course, what I mean by pink v. blue is baby girls wear pink and baby boys wear blue. So while we think nothing of girls playing ball and boys dressing up, are you willing to put your baby boy in a pink outfit? Probably not. Most parents are actually willing to dress baby girls in blue.
Pink for girls and blue for boys is so ingrained in our society that anyone who sees a baby in blue assumes the baby is a boy, and likewise, assumes babies dressed in pink are girls. There is nothing wrong with these assumptions, until, of course, you decide to dress your baby girl in blue. Remember that there are many baby colors other than pink and blue. White, pale yellow and pale green are excellent choices for babies, male and female.
There is some question about whether a girl becoming obsessed with pink will hinder the development of her personality. What your baby wears has little impact on whether your daughter will be a tom-boy or girly girl. It is true that as they get older, girly girls wear more clothes that are pink than tom-boys do.
Basically, what a baby wears has nothing to do with the baby’s personality. Why? Well obviously the baby has no choice in what he or she wears – mom and dad do the buying and dressing. So if you want to see your daughter in pink, by all means, dress her in pink. If you want to see your son in manly colors like blue, dress him in blue. On the other hand, if you hate pink, do not dress your daughter in pink.
If you find yourself buying a baby gift for a friend or acquaintance and you know the sex of the baby, it is perfectly acceptable to buy pink for girls and blue for boys. Most any parent will dress a girl in pink and boy in blue even if the color is not his or her favorite. But, in the end, it’s the parents’ decision what baby wears, at least until he or she is old enough to voice an opinion. That’s when the real fun starts.…

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Discover How Alkaline Diet Recipes Whip Up Better Health

Discover How Alkaline Diet Recipes Whip Up Better Health

In general, this diet involves ingesting certain fresh citrus fruits and food that is low in sugar it promotes to avoid food which is high in acid such as grains, dairy, meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and fungi. It actually cut off the daily intake of acidic foods to a limit of 30% and boosts your alkaline intake to 70%. The goal is to limit or even eliminate the ingestion of foods which are detrimental to health and replace it with savory healthy alkaline diet recipes.

What are the examples and effects of acidic food?

Today’s culture advertises instant and fast foods, they are selling like hotcakes especially for people who are always on the go. They tend to purchase these fatty and high in sodium food to maximize their work time, honestly, the advertisements are excellent teasers to lure your appetite. One thing is for sure, these processed, packaged and microwavable foods are purely damaging to our health upon ingestion the alkalinity of the blood stresses the body regulators of acid-base homeostasis. Therefore, prolonged intake may result to losing the body’s ability to function well and even death in some critical cases.

Alkaline diet in general

The theory explains that upon eating alkaline rich food it leaves an alkaline residue or ash. Now this ash is considered a mineral containing the principal elements like calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc these elements contributes to maintaining the homeostasis of the body. Acidifying foods causes these essential minerals to drop in levels predisposing our body to various illnesses engaging to alkaline diet protects the body and prevents that from happening. Basically, our body should maintain a pH of 7.3, meaning to say, our body needs to be alkaline in nature and it should also reflect in our food intake. Alkaline diet doesn’t just shed the extra pounds off but over and above that it regains loss health and promotes a long and disease-free life.

Enticing, exquisite and flavorful recipes to maintain an alkaline diet

Alkaline diet recipes includes a higher level of vegetable intake, a squeeze of lemon into water drinks, millet or quinoa should replace wheat and olive oil over vegetable oil, soups like miso best follows the diet. Whipping up a savory lunch with a cucumber salad – the ingredients are fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, balsamic vinegar, red wine, sea salt, minced garlic, fresh basil and oregano, and extra virgin olive oil. For dinner, you can make vegetable pasta with tomato-pepper sauce all you need is a vegetable or spelt pasta, sun dried and fresh tomatoes, red bell pepper, zucchini, onion and garlic, chili, fresh basil, cold-pressed olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste (the vegetables are stir-fried and use it as a topping to the pasta).

Now, a meal would not be complete without a dessert, here are some of the guilt-free desserts that can surely satisfy your cravings like apple pie – you will need ground raw walnuts, pitted dates soaked in alkaline water for 15 minutes, raw sunflower seeds, shredded apples, cinnamon, fresh apple juice, shredded coconut for garnishing, and raisins or prunes. All the dry ingredients, even the ones soaked and drained, should be mixed in a food processor and will serve as the crust. For a quicker dessert you can layer strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, plain yogurt, and wheat germ and almonds for garnish a “berry” delightful dessert indeed!…

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What If Health Care Was Provided for Your Health Instead of for Someone’s Profit?

Typically if you have an ache, pain, cough or other symptom you ether go to the pharmacy and try to match an over the counter product to your symptom or you go to your primary care doctor. The primary care doctor basically does the same try to match your symptom to a product. He or She may order some tests to narrow it down. But it is all based on profit.
What if you went to a health care provider that first dose an analysis of what is the primary cause of the symptom and what is the simplest way to remove the cause?
That is the method of what is currently called Alternative Health Care. It is based on providing a service of expertise. These experts Will generally refer you to another expert if your symptom or their analysis indicates that your problem is not within their scope of practice. Their goal is to provide a service that gives you the best health possible.
The Primary Care system is designed to make a profit for the investors in the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors and their suppliers. The profit motive requires them to sell you a product or service for as long and for as much as possible. Whether they remove the cause of your symptom or only cover it up dose not matter to the system. There are always an overwhelming number of new customers coming in the door because the food system and other systems are constantly eroding our health.
If you are not satisfied with the spiraling health care costs and poor health outcomes of the Primary Care system: Consider the Alternative Health system. Ask for a Health Care Savings Plan or ask for insurance that allows you to go to an Alternative Health Care provider first. They may tell you they do not have such a plan but keep asking they will go where the demand is. Consider the supermarket, They now have an organic and health food section because you demanded it or else you went to the health food store.…

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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review – The Ideal Way To Shed Pounds On A Budget?

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review – The Ideal Way To Shed Pounds On A Budget?

Are you sick and tired of fad diets and over-hyped weight loss programs that promise a lot and fail to deliver? Given the myriad of diet programs out there, it can be difficult sorting the wheat from the chaff. In this Anne Collins weight loss program review we are going to look at this plan in detail, covering what it is, who it’s suited to and whether it will help you lose those extra pounds.

What Is The Anne Collins Weight Loss Program?

Anne Collins is a nutritionist that has created several highly popular diet plans for people who want to lose weight. The Anne Collins weight loss program isn’t your usual hyped up ‘quick-fix’ diet plan. What it is, though, is a program where you pay a small membership fee to join her website and gain exclusive access to the members area. Once you’re a member, you can download a variety of diet guides onto your computer. There is also an area for expert advice and updates to the plans as they become available. One highly useful area of this membership is access to the members forum which gives you the opportunity to post questions and interact with other people also following the diet plans. Once you’ve joined, the fee you pay gives you membership for an entire year, so if a brand new diet book is released during this time, you’ll get it for no additional cost.

Choosing Your Diet Plan

By now, you’ll have come to realize that the Anne Collins weight loss program isn’t just one diet plan that you follow. Different areas of dieting are split up so you can choose which one suits you the best, from low-calorie diets to lowering your cholesterol, you’ll be able to follow the plan and the menus according to exactly what you want to achieve with this program.

What Makes This Program Different?

There are a number of factors that make this program stand out from the others. For starters, you’ll get access to more than just one diet plan so you’ll be able to follow a variety of recipes in each one without it all getting monotonous. The forum is a stand-out part of the membership to keep yourself motivated to lose the weight, ask questions and also help others do the same. Thirdly, the price is much lower than you’d expect considering that you get a full years access to all the diet plans including updates and new material.

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review – Final Verdict

This program is ideal for anyone that is tired of fad diets and wants access to a real membership with a number of diet plans and forum for a low price. If you’re on a budget or want common sense advice that works to help you lose weight, the Anne Collins weight loss program is an ideal choice for sensible slimming.…