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Six Big Mistakes People Make When Seeing Their Doctor

The doctor is the one with all the knowledge. So all we have to do when we’re sick or injured is show up, right? Well, you can take that attitude but your healthcare will suffer. Going to see the doctor (or physical therapists) should be far more involved than just “showing up.”
Below are six big mistakes people make when seeing their doctor. As you will discover there’s a central theme running through each mistake. That theme is you need to be responsible for your own healthcare.
Being Unprepared
You might spend hours picking out an outfit for a big event or taking copious notes for your upcoming fantasy draft, but when it comes to seeing your doctor you arrive completely unprepared. Do you have a list of your symptoms? Do you have a list of questions you’re going to ask your doctor? Do you have a list of the medications you’re taking? You don’t have a lot of time with your doctor so being prepared is the best way to make efficient use of the time you do have.
Being Unorganized
This goes hand in hand with being prepared. Remember, it’s your body and it’s your health. Your healthcare provider shouldn’t be the only keeper of your health history. You should be journaling, or at the very least, taking notes of your doctor visits, medical procedures, allergies, and the medications you’ve taken over the years. Having all your medical data at your disposal and easily accessible will play a huge role in ensuring that your doctor visits are positive and productive.
Being Uncommunicative
No two doctors are alike. Each has their strengths and their weaknesses. However, all doctors have one thing in common-none of them can read minds. That’s why you have to tell them everything. You can’t assume they already know or they’ll figure it out via a test result. Communicating effectively helps your doctor help you. Remember, you only have one doctor but he or she has hundreds of patients. They’re not spending all their time thinking about you and your health.
Being Shy
So you’ve got a thing on your thingy or you make an odd noise every time you bend over, don’t be embarrassed. Your doctor sure isn’t. They’ve heard it all before and probably more than once. Not only should you be brave and tell your doctor about that embarrassing seepage, or that awkward rash, but you should do it right away. If you wait until the last minute your condition won’t get the attention it deserves.
Being Passive
Like we said it’s your body and it’s your health. You need to take control. You need to educate yourself on what ails you and what options are available for your treatment. Reading a few articles on the internet doesn’t suddenly put you on par with your doctor, but it does show him or her that you’re taking ownership of your healthcare. They respect that. It also allows your doctor to spend less time on the basics and more time discussing the finer points of your condition.
Being Submissive
This doesn’t mean you need to boss your doctor around but it does mean you ask questions and thoroughly discuss your healthcare. Yes, your doctor is well-trained and educated, but that doesn’t mean you just get to sit there and agree with everything they say. You and your doctor should be on the same team; you should be partners. The hallmark of every good partnership is communication and mutual respect. So speak up, ask questions, and work with your doctor.…

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When You’re Mad, Get Even

Now that I’ve got your attention, today’s topic is all about helping my daughter help a dear friend. When the times look the bleakest and big brother’s got his foot in your back the best thing to do is gather your buddies and give a communal drop kick. So please read and do what you can to help our cause.
I grew up in Chicago, but when it came to raising my own kids, I chose the tranquility of central Illinois’ farming country. There was a sense of community and safety. No gangs, no violence, just lots of likable friends. My children grew up right across the street from the school, k-12. Consequently, our house was the ‘hangin’ grounds’. I got to know almost every child in our small little town (pop. 1200). One of these kids has remained a good friend to my daughter and son. She’s married now and has 3 small children. And a terminal diagnosis. She is fighting valiantly every day to stay well and stay alive – for herself, for the hubs and especially for those three precious little ones.
And now comes the rub. After being insured with one of the big 3 (and I’m talking big) health care insurers, she is being denied vital diagnostic procedures that would hopefully prolong her life and give her the chance to raise those kids. And I know that every single one of you has personally heard this excuse from a health care provider: the treatment is not approved, so we can’t cover it! How does treatment get approved, anyway then? If someone out there isn’t willing to try it and advance its progress, how can any treatment be accepted?
I, myself, am hoping against hope that it’s not the same old crap you see everyday on the news! We’re tired of having to actually pay out anything and your treatment has exceeded our profit/loss margin, so now we’re dumping you and moving on to the next sucker who wants to pay inflated insurance premiums to a company with its hq in Las Vegas! In Jamie’s case, she has a rare form of liver cancer with a dire prognosis. Her medical team have agreed on a course of treatment that can give her any hope and now the big, bad, blue says it won’t pay for her pet scans, which costs in the thousand of dollars. I’m hoping that it’s not the same old case of insurance company character flaws: deny, deny, deny and maybe she’ll go away!
Jamie and her husband have decided to do the grown up thing and approach their company to see if they can get this worked out. So, for now, I just wanted to tell her story and enlist your future aid in anything we may do as a group to help.
I hate to say this, but good luck with that, Jamie & hubs. It’s so evident by the state of our health care system that our nation and insurers have a long way to go before they have attained your maturity. All our love, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for some sort of recovery and extended life.
As for your insurance company all I have to say is: do the math, idiots! It’s cheaper to pay for a few pet scans than to have the public support and raise three motherless children!!!!! Geeze, did I really have to say that out loud? Doesn’t everybody realize that?…

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Learn The Right Diet For Your Chihuahua

Learn The Right Diet For Your Chihuahua

People owning dogs for the first time may be confused as to the right diet for their Chihuahua. These dogs despite their small size are very active and use a lot of energy. This means that they need to be fed properly. The animal can burn more calories than a dog that is much heavier. Thus they need to be fed right to maintain the energy levels in the body.

Like any animal the dogs need some nutrition that will help them maintain good health and be energetic all through their life. Even their tiny frame they have special nutritional requirements that need to be observed to ensure they are healthy. Some dog owners ignore the dietary needs of their pets and end up with unhealthy pets.

The dog should not be overfed which leads to being overweight. The right weight for the pet should be maintained at all times. Unfortunately dog owners are very likely to spoil their pets. They do this by rewarding the dogs with bits of food at irregular times instead of following a predetermined feeding schedule. Despite their tiny size the dogs are full of life and they may appear to be actually bigger. The owners buy into the bravado they portray and provide more food than they actually need for healthy living. This has led to the problem of obesity in the pets that is so common among many pets.

The tiny pets can live on very little food unlike larger dogs. This is lost among many people who own the tiny breed of dogs. Larger dogs require much more food while the small ones can survive on a small amount per day. The most important thing is that the food they are fed is healthy. Scraps from the family table should not form part of the meal dog for the. They should be avoided totally. The reason for this abstinence is that such food is meant for humans and not the tiny dogs that have different nutritional requirements. Such food has more harm than benefits to the pet.

If the dog is fed poorly as a puppy it might develop problems when it grows bigger. Some of the issues that emanate from such a situation include obesity, poor bone development, rickets and skin problem. To have a healthy dog its diet should be observed since all through its life.A poor diet interferes with the animals fat composition in the body. This is the starting point of health problems in the dog. Those dogs which are not fed in the right way often develop health issues later in life. Some dogs are able to regulate their diet but others will eat anything they come across.

Owners need to observe how disciplined their pets are and step in to regulate the feeding. If this is not done the health of the dog will be jeopardized and take away the fun that comes with owning a pet. A dog owner should ensure the health of the pet by giving it the right diet for his/her Chihuahua.…

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The Beautiful Red Canary

The Red Canary, or “Red Factor Canary” is classed as a color canary — meaning that the bird is bred for its color and beauty, rather than their size, shape or singing abilities. They’re a cross-breed between the endangered Venezuelan Black Hooded Red Siskin and the Yellow Canary. The Red Canary is strictly a show bird and there are plenty of sub-categories this popular breed can fall into: Frosts and Non-Frosts, Lipochromes and Melonins, along with Soft Feathers and Hard Feathers. All categories affect the sheen and luster of each canary, while determining which class they fall into for competitions.
Just because they’re bred for competition doesn’t mean you can’t purchase one as a pet and wonderful showpiece at home: It’s just that they are a difficult canary to breed successfully and they do tend to cost more than other popular canaries that are bred for singing or their unique shapes.
The Red Canary also requires a unique diet to keep their color looking sharp: Red berries of all kinds, beets, squash, sweet potatoes, paprika, red peppers and others. Anything that contains Beta-Carotene and Canthaxanthin to help maintain and highlight their color. If you plan on entering them in competitions, you’ll have to monitor how the color foods affect their overall color to get award winning birds. This is most of the fun for owners, since it gives the owner a great deal of control to create a competition-crushing specimen.
Other than a special diet, they require an available bird bath and nothing more than other canaries. This is also a great breed for people who don’t like the singing aspect of canaries, as some Red’s sing, while most chirp once in a while and keep busy primping or roosting. Look for a breeder who specializes in color-bred canaries to make sure you get a true genetically color-bred bird and not something that’s been simply color fed certain foods to obtain the desired color.…

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Health Care Attorney – How To Find Legal Help With Your Healthcare

No matter how much we find ways for it not to happen; our family or at least one of them, including ourselves, can no not just stay away from getting sick any human beings, though how much we try to stay healthy, we are still very susceptible to the threats of serious ailments and other chronic disease as well to damaging accidents. To make things worst, availing the appropriate treatment and the needed medical attention is not an easy task and usually becomes a struggle especially for someone who does not have any health insurance or not covered by any health program. That is why it has become practical for many people to at least get the services of a provider despite their expensive cost.
Many people find it advantageous to have a medicare provider in case of emergency. As long as a person is ensured by a certain program; that person is guaranteed to have the proper treatment and the necessary medical attention he or she deserves. It is no secret why the industry is one of the most money-spinning markets of quantity of money involved and that can be earned from people who are searching for aA� insurance is enormous, considering the verity that getting aA� insurance now has become more of a luxury rather than a right.
With the great amount of money involved in this industry, there is no wonder why there are now a lot ofA� providers with each offering a different program, coverage and of course, payment scheme. The great profusion ofA� providers has made it more complicated for ordinary citizens to make a decision regarding on the provider they want to go with. Given that there are many providers; it is has become a harder challenge to spot or draw the distinction between a good one and a fraudulent one. Since subscribing into a healthcare program is an expensive thing; we must be more knowledgeable on the ways on how to find the best provider that can provide us with the kind of health care we desire. Furthermore, a lot of providers are known for their notoriety at getting a piece of uninsured people’s hard earned money. They are continually making false advertisements and issuing false statements just to attract a good number of people to avail of their services. These health care insurance companies make it more complicated for their clients to process their claims by making the procedure difficult for ordinary people to comprehend.Moreover, if it happens that a client of them is successful in processing his claim, these insurance providers try to pay as less amount as possible.
In searching for the best healthcare provider it would be better if we go out trying to look for help. When it comes to making deals with these healthcare providers, it is entirely helpful if we will hire the services of a health care attorney.A health care attorney can provide us with a lot of help in finding a good health insurance company and in dealing with all the legal matters involved in availing a health insurance. With the aid of these attorneys, we can get the needed guidance in choosing the right insurance company that can provide us with the bestA� coverage.
Health care attorneys have the expertise in the health care law. They are experts in handling cases involving the provision of services and other related can guarantee us with the legal help in dealing with health insurance companies if ever we get into trouble in making our claims.
In finding the perfectA� provider it would not hurt or it would be probably better if we go out searching for help. With the help of a health care attorney, we can be provided with the proper guidance in picking the right insurance companies that can provide us with the bestA� coverage. These attorneys are experts in health care law. They can easily handle cases involving the provision of services and other related benefits.…

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How to Keep Our Diet Delicious and Interesting

How to Keep Our Diet Delicious and Interesting

One of the biggest problems when we are trying to lose weight is maintaining interest and flavour in the food that we eat. If we become bored with the dishes that we create, then we may be tempted to revert back towards unhealthy options. If we strive to maintain healthy, new and interesting foods in our weight loss plan, we will find that we can easily stick to our diet week after week. Here are a few suggestions to help keep our diet going strong and successfully:

Source New Recipes

If we are repetitive in the meals that we eat on a daily basis, we will be sure to become bored over time. We should try to source new and exciting recipes which incorporate ingredients that we enjoy. We can invest in new cook books or search online. There is so much free information online which may include exciting new menu options to choose and help inspire us. We should make a selection of various starters, main courses and desserts which appeal to us, and aim to try a new one at least once or twice every week.

Adapt Old Recipes

We may be content with many of the recipes that we use regularly, which is fine. However we can always find minor ways to change them so that they appear to be like a new dish. Perhaps we could use a different protein element, substitute rice for noodles or include different vegetables or salad ingredients. We could include extra ingredients or omit others. We could make variations in the way that we present our dishes, change accompaniments or enhance dishes with low-calorie sauces or dressings. There are numerous variations that we can make to even the most basic recipe to make it seem like a completely different dish, even when the basic ingredients are more or less the same.

Inject New Flavours

Another excellent way to add interest to an old recipe is the injection of flavour. Why not try experimenting with different herbs and spices? We could try spicing up a stir fry or adding interest to fish dishes with tasty marinades. Many supermarkets stock a large and varied selection of bottled sauces and ready-made marinades. These can be a handy and flavour enhancing addition to a meal, but be sure to check the labels concerning the nutritional information as some may be high calorie due to high sugar and fat content and also a high sodium content too.

With a little imagination as well as creative inspiration, we can make every meal interesting, delicious and appetising, which all help stop the boredom setting in. Once we have mastered the art of preventing boredom, we will be much more likely to happily stick to our weight loss programme and look forward to achieving our weight loss goals…

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3 Ingredient Formula For Six Pack Abs

3 Ingredient Formula For Six Pack Abs

There’s no shortcut when you’re on the road to getting six pack abs. Most people fall into the trap of over-hyped ab gadgets or diet fads or the next super fat burning pill. The truth is none of this stuff is necessary to getting slim abs. Below are the ingredients which make up the formula for obtaining six pack abs.

1-Proper Guidance

Without proper guidance from a certified fitness and nutrition expert, you’re going to be wasting most of your time. I’m no fitness expert or dietitian so for me, like most of you out there, getting six pack abs would be all about doing sit-ups and crunches. Wrong. It’s actually about diet and overall exercise than it is about targeted abdominal exercises. You need to know what to eat, when to eat it and what the most effective exercises are for six pack abs.


You won’t achieve anything in life worth achieving without discipline. It takes discipline to save money for something and not spend it frivolously. It takes discipline to eat right every day. It takes discipline to get yourself to the gym or to exercise at home every single day. You must be disciplined or you’ll achieve very little to nothing.


You didn’t get fat overnight. It took months or years of not exercising and not eating right to get to where you are. The same applies now when your goal is to get rid of your belly fat. But the good part is that it’s not going to take you years to melt off your belly fat and get six pack abs. It might take months but if you follow this simple formula, it will not take years at all.…