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Dog Health Tips You Should Know

You want the healthiest dog possible, so when you choose the puppy that you will take home, find the healthiest looking one possible. The one that is playful, bright-eyed and outgoing. This will be one of the first ways to ensure that when your puppy grows up, it will be a healthy dog. Of course, you have to help along the way.
Make sure you take the puppy for their vaccinations. This is extremely important because dogs can get diseases that will kill them just like people. The parvovirus is one and it is very contagious. Distemper and rabies are a couple more. Your dog should have the vaccinations for these diseases and keep up to date on boosters they may need.
Food and Water
Always make sure your dog has a good supply of fresh drinking water. Dogs will often make a mess of their water. If they are outside they will throw dirt in it by digging, they will turn it over and generally make a mess. So, you will have to check on this often.
The food you feed your dog will be another way of keeping him healthy. This needs to be a good quality with the right vitamins and minerals for your dog. Your veterinarian can tell you what your dog needs better than anyone else. They will know if they have special needs when they examine them. Read the labels on dog food and avoid the ingredients that are not conducive to good health.
Your dog’s dental health may be a concern as well. There are some veterinary dentists that recommend brushing your dog’s teeth daily. They can develop plaque and tartar on their teeth just as people can and this needs to be addressed. There are some products on the market that are made to help remove this from your dog’s teeth and you should ask your vet about this.
Good grooming is one way to keep your pet healthy. Some breeds have more complicated needs when it comes to keeping their ears cleaned and free of hair. They can often develop an ear infection if this is not done properly. Likewise for the toenails; they need to be trimmed as well. They can grow too long and cause walking problems for your puppy or dog.
Just as all of the things mentioned above are ways of keeping your puppy or dog healthy, exercise is another. Your dog will need to get plenty of exercise on a daily basis in order to keep them from becoming overweight. When they gain too much weight they can suffer from many health problems just as people do. Research shows approximately 40% of the dogs in the U.S. today are overweight.
A healthy dog can live for many years and this is what you have in mind when you purchase that cute little puppy. You want him to be a part of your family for a long time. The best way to ensure that he is around as your friend and companion for as long as possible is to provide the essential needs so that he can be as healthy as possible.…

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4 Exercise Tips For the Working Mom

4 Exercise Tips For the Working Mom

4 Exercise Tips for the Working Mom

Finding time to work out can be hard enough in this non-stop society; sometimes even more so for the working mom. Not only are you working 8 hours a day at a paying job, but then you come home to the non-paying job of taking care of your family.

That being said, we all find time during the day for things we have gotten used to doing. We have a routine. So why not encompass exercise into that routine? You brush your teeth every day, right? You shower every day, right? If you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will fall out. If you don’t shower every day you not only risk offending your co-workers, but also can develop skin problems. If you don’t exercise every day you can not only get fat, but also suffer numerous health problems.

‘No time for exercise’ is not an excuse. For most women the true reason is one of these: you are scared to exercise because you just might look foolish, or you just don’t know where to start. Here are 4 tips to help you get started and keep you going to meet you fitness goals!

1. Find a partner to workout with: Doing most things by yourself can be a bummer! I like walking, but I love walking with my daughter or husband. With both, we tend to push each other to walk farther and faster. I’m getting exercise while enjoying someone’s company. Get a co-worker or neighbor to workout with you if your spouse won’t, or your child is too young. Or heck, just put that youngin’ in the stroller and go for a brisk walk! You can babble away to your child about the day’s stresses and no one will think anything about it. Going for a walk alone and babble about the day, and people will start avoiding you!

2. Get an iPod: They aren’t as expensive or as daunting as they used to be, and you program in the music YOU like to listen to. You’d be amazed at how fast time flies when your mind is happily listening to something you enjoy.

3. Do something you love to do: I hate jogging! Tried it and quit after a couple days. On the other hand, I love walking and weight training. If you do an exercise you hate, you will get bored and frustrated and quit. Find something you really enjoy and you are far more apt to stick with it!

4. Don’t bite off more than you van chew: If you are just starting an exercise routine, you need to start out slowly or you will burn yourself out. The phrase ‘No pain, no gain’ is bull! If your body hurts, your body telling you to STOP! Whatever exercises you chose, start out slowly and build your muscles and stamina up.

Following these simple tips well get you well on your way to a happy and healthier you!…

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Fast and Easy Way to Lose Weight – Tips For Success

Fast and Easy Way to Lose Weight – Tips For Success

Losing weight is sometimes one of the most difficult things to achieve. There are many fast and easy ways to lose weight, but not all methods work for all people.

Some people find it easy to lose weight by simply cutting down on calories and taking more exercise. While others need a little bit of extra help, such as a diet supplement.

Do not listen to all the tips you are given from friends that mean well because not all suggestions can work for everyone.

The tips below will help you lose weight the fast and easy way:-

1. Eat five or six small meals a day instead of a couple of large meals. Your metabolism increases every time you eat which in turn burns a lot of fat. You also feel less hungry eating more small meals rather than just a few big ones.

2. Stay away from junk food. All the effort you put into losing weight will be for nothing if you continue to eat processed food. Cook you own meals. That way you know they contain healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables and a small amount of oil. Stock up on fresh fruit so that when you get peckish there is always something healthy to nibble on.

3. Cut down on calories. Losing weight is only possible if you consume less calories than you burn. Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods, just eat less of them.

4. Exercise is one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight. You don’t have to join the gym or run a marathon. You can achieve results just by regular walking, using the stairs instead of the lift or dancing to your favourite music in the lounge. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps burn fat faster.

These tips will help you lose weight the fast and easy way by diet and exercise. Some people may need to take a weight loss supplement to help them with their efforts.…

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Fitness Education – Why Your High School Coaches Might Suck

Fitness Education – Why Your High School Coaches Might Suck

While I am currently suffering from long lasting shoulder injuries, I cannot stress the importance of exercising with caution. Surely you’ve heard of the phrase, “No pain. No gain”. So often, the goals of working out are simply to lift more weight than the person next to them and for a longer duration. The lack of guidance among teens is dangerous to say the least.

Looking back on high school, I lifted more weight while under the supervision of my coach, even though I’m much bigger and stronger now. I was practicing improper form (swinging weights) and over exertion, while my diet was simply terrible (no breakfast, bread sticks for lunch). As one could imagine, despite exercising many times a week, my results were poor and it’s not just me. Anyone that is exposed to exercise through high school may not be educated well enough to take exercising seriously. Even high school athletes may learn to practice improper diet and exercise technique.

Every coach is different, but what are students learning about fitness?

Gym starts with having all the students jog at their own pace for five minutes. Thumbs up. This is proper warm-up technique. During a warm-up one should be able to have a conversation, otherwise your going too hard and should slow down.

All students must get in line and stretch. Stretching before a workout is okay, but too much can create micro tares in the muscle fibers which become more prone to larger tares or being pulled. Students should be taught to stretch very lightly before exercise or injuries can occur. More intense stretching should generally be done after work out.

Once or twice a week, students may be escorted to the weight room. Often times, they will have a short inadequate demonstration of how to use equipment and an alarming number of students learn to practice improper form. Dangers from lack of proper instruction are also embroidered due to the peer environment. Simply put, students like to “show off” by lifting more weight than they should, sometime twice or three times the weight. The most common mistakes happen with: bicep curl (swinging the shoulder or whole body), leg press (too much weight), and bench press (stressing the shoulders with too much weight while dispersing the elbows or raising the back). Improper form and over exertion can lead to serious injuries. Students should be taught to pace themselves and use proper form before upping the weight. Coaches should closely monitor their class and make sure they practice proper workout techniques, so students do not continue the dangerous habits outside of class.

Nutrition is widely overlooked by gym coaches. Often times, there is no practical nutritional encouragement. Some students may exercise with little or no sustenance and lack a proper post workout meal (they may have an hour and a half of classes right after gym). This could force the body to burn much needed muscle mass (not good). Students and parents should be taught and encouraged to both find sources of nutritional education and implement healthy wholesome lifestyles prior to exercise.

Consult a knowledgeable expert or specialist before starting an exercise program; otherwise research legitimate exercise programs and watch videos that demonstrate proper form. Make sure your coach is teaching correctly. Failure to learn proper diet and exercise guidance may have consequences ranging from not having ideal results to an injury that lasts forever.…

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Is Turbulence Training Effective?

Is Turbulence Training Effective?

I assume that the reason you are reading this article is because of the fact that you have heard about the Turbulence Training program, but that you may be doubtful of its effectiveness. For this reason I am dedicating this article to inform you as to whether the Turbulence Training program is authentic or a scam.

Listed below are some of the details that I discovered about the Turbulence Training program:

1. Fat will be lost and muscle will be gained. The aim for anyone attempting to shed pounds is not to only lose weight, but also to gain muscle. This is because muscles are the only things that make the body stronger. Muscles will also keep fat at bay; because muscles require a great deal of energy in order to maintain themselves, the body uses its surplus energy on these muscles rather than storing it as fat.

When undertaking the program, you will not only lose weight, but also gain valuable lean muscles and become healthy and strong.

2. This program will need to be utilized at least twice a week. You will be disappointed if you expect to see results during the first week, as with all weight loss programs, you will not see the results until a couple of weeks have passed.

It is also important, as with any weight loss program, to be committed to the system. This system needs to be worked at for at least three weeks in order to see real results. If you find it difficult and cannot envisage the commitment of a fitness program, then Turbulence Training is not for you.

3. Turbulence Training is an intense training and workout program. The exercises are the focal point of this program. However, the intense exercises that are involved in this program are not for every body type. It is of great importance that you undertake a consultation with your doctor before beginning the Turbulence Training program in order to ensure that you are fit enough.

4. This program is designed for busy people. If you find that you do not have the time for exercises, then Turbulence Training is the one for you. Because it uses extensive workouts to assist people in losing weight, you will not need to spend three or four hours at the gym.

Therefore, based on the above evaluation, as well as the fact that it can assist a person to effectively lose weight, I can safely conclude that the Turbulence Training program is a genuine weight loss program that really does work.…

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Adopt a Ferret and Discover the Magic

Adopt a Ferret and Discover the Magic

Ferrets have become so popular as family pets that they have moved up to number three on the list of favorite pets in the USA. They are very friendly little creatures that make excellent pets and present wonderful alternatives to traditional pets such as dogs and cats. They can be trained and are suitable for litter training. If you are considering a new pet it might be time to adopt a ferret.

If you are thinking about that possibility a familiarization of a few of their characteristics is in order. First and most important is their diet. They are confirmed meat eaters and they do not tolerate plant-based foods because their digestive systems cannot properly process the latter. Their food should be high in protein and fat content. Whenever ferret food is purchased it is important to insure that it has both those features.

Ferret food is available in both dry and canned assortments. The ferret would prefer the canned food because it is moist and easier to eat but it is messier and has a limited plate life. Dry food is preferable for a pet owner because it is cleaner and easier to use. Whichever type you choose be sure that it is low in carbohydrates and fiber and high in fat content and animal protein.

Ferrets are very active and burn calories fast during the four hours per day they are awake. They are not big eaters but they like food several times during their waking hours. This is a reason for the preference of dry food. It can be placed out for eating for an entire day without concerns of it becoming tainted. If dry food is to be used then it is important to have plenty of water available for the ferret. Water bottles are best because they aid in keeping the cage clean even though the ferrets prefer to drink water from a dish.

Because ferrets are highly active and light eaters you generally don’t have to worry about fat ferrets. It you do have a ferret that puts on weight it is probably a symptom of some sort of health problem so it is an indication that the little pet need some attention from the veterinarian.

Once the diet is mastered the next consideration is housing. Even though they are fun loving and friendly little animals they should be kept in cages and allowed out only for supervised periods. To accommodate their active lifestyles the cage should be as larger as possible. It should be well ventilated, easy to clean and constructed so as not to present any hazards to the ferret of getting its head or paws stuck in any openings.

The cage floor should be covered with some sort of hard plastic sheeting and it should be changed whenever it begins to wear. Loose material such as cedar or pine chips are a no-no. That could cause all sorts of health problems for the ferret. The key to the health and long life of the ferret will depend on keeping its cage clean.

Another assistance to keeping the cage clean is a litter box. Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box similar to cats. The litter material should be made from paper or plant materials and changed regularly.

There are other things to know about these wonderful animals but you now know the basics of food and housing so now you can go out and adopt your own ferret and have a friendly little companion for years to come.…

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Information Required For Seniors To Apply For Medicaid

While there are a lot of people on Medicare for their medical expenses when they get sick, it does not provide for custodial care in a long term care situation. Medicaid does have a program that will provide benefits for people who can’t afford the stay. For people in this situation will need to bring all of the following to the Medicaid office to qualify. The Department of Social Services will need the following items to process an application:

Any paid and unpaid medical bills

Social Security card

Birth certificate or other proof of age

immigration papers of all non-citizens

Car registration or title

Any deeds to property owned with copy of tax listion

Any life insurance policy information

Any health insurance information and payment stubs

Any stocks, bonds, CDs, IRAs, Mutual Funds information

Burial-plot deeds and/or contracts

Any documentation of retirement income

Medicare Card

Savings book – updated

Checking account – most recent statements

oney Market accounts

Social Security benefits, stock dividends, rental income, etc. information

Faarm/business equipment, boats, motors, trailers, motor homes, etc. proof

Tobacco allotment information

Trust fund or promissory note information Safe deposit box information

Proof of disability for those applying on that basis, such as medical reports from physicians

In addition, you should take

Parents names and location of any inherited property (or spouse’s)

Children’s names, ages and addresses

Also take copies of any Power of Attorney(s).

This program can allow people to live their final days in dignity. Sometimes the requirements can be difficult to satisfy, but the end result is a nice place to stay and get the care they need without having to worry about costs. This information will make the first visit to the Medicaid office for that needed program.…