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Work Your Core

Work Your Core

Working your core is a great way to get fit – and it is easier than you think! Gone are the days of doing crunches on the floor, straining your neck and not seeing any results!

You can even strengthen your core while watching television. No, I am not kidding! If you have access to a balance ball or BOSU(R) you are in luck! If you do not have either of these, they are not expensive and most times are available at your local discount store or in a second hand shop or in a sports consignment shop – cheap!

So let us say that you spend a conservative 2 hours a night watching your favorite television shows. If you sat on a balance ball or on the BOSU(R) during those two hours, you’d be working your core muscles – even the small ones that you do not even think about… and for TWO hours!

What is that you say? As long as you are not munching on chips at the same time, you are in business. See, these types of exercise equipment options are based on balance, which as you know gets worse with age (lack of balance causes most accidents with older folks). Proper balance is achieved when you have strong stomach and back muscles.

Balance equipment forces you to maintain your posture – that is remaining upright! – Even though you are not sitting on a flat surface (or your couch or favorite chair, which may also not be flat.) How does it do that? Even underneath some cushioning, you have stomach muscles – your own personal six pack, if you will. These muscles require some use, even if you are not aware, in order for you to stand. If you force these muscles to do something they are not used to doing, like sitting on a ball or round surface, you are engaging them in different ways than normal and therefore “working them”.

So that’s the front of you, what about the back? Did you know that in order to have a strong back you need a strong front? No kidding! Having strong stomach muscles actually protects your back – so next time you are out on the golf course or getting out of bed, remember to think about your core!

Now, the advice above is for those who currently “do nothing” while sitting and watching your television at night – this little bost will help! But if you want a little more… do extra during commercials! You likely don’t like watching them anyway, and you are already on a round surface – utilize your time!

If you get a BOSU(R), which I highly recommend, you can perform a endless number of exercise moves, including your favorite and mine, the crunch! You can also sit or stand on a flat surface, with the round side down on the floor. If you are a bit more advanced, or adventurous, do a push up during the commercial!

Every little bit helps! If you decide to perform a push up, (round side down!) check out for a way to add a little comfort to your routine or extra effort. You will be glad you did! This comfortable way of doing a challenging push up will allow you to do more repetitions during the commercial break!

Good luck!…

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Advantages of Information Technology

What is Information Technology
Information technology is the use and application of the computer system to process, manage and distribute information. Use of IT in this context involves both the hardware and software components.
Some major advantages of Information Technology in various areas are listed below:
Speed and Accuracy in information Processing
With the use of IT more work can be done by individuals, businesses, services and government organisations. Function enhancement programs such as word processors, database programs and spreadsheets can get work done in less time with increased accuracy and efficiency.
Global Social Interaction
IT has made global social and cultural interaction very simple. This is evident with the emergence and success of social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. More so, the use of information technology has eliminated language barriers with technologies such as language translators.
The introduction and use of high tech applications and gadgets such as iTunes, iPod and iPone has been revolutionary. Downloading, buying, playing and organising, music, videos, movies and TV shows has been made super easy and accessible. The gallant advancement of information technology through history puts the world in your palm with technologies such as iPad and Amazon Kindle.
The effect of information technology on universal communication is phenomenal. Telecommunication has gone beyond the use of basic technologies. With the advancement of the Internet and technologies such as VoIP (Voice over IP), organizations, businesses and individuals can communicate any time from different parts of the world through video and voice calls, web conferencing, seminars and virtual meetings.
Economic Advancement
A major step to global economic advancement is the removal of distance and time barriers brought about by the application of information technology to buying and selling of goods and services (e-commerce). E-commerce gave room for tiny, small and big business players to emerge. Interconnection of businesses is made painless. Thousands of local, national and international businesses and enterprises now have what is referred to as ‘web presence’ and can now reach wider audience.
Education has gone far beyond the use of bricks and mortal classrooms or traditional blackboards. The world is now in the era of e-learning, using technologies such as VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments). Students can have access to all teaching materials and resources online; engage in virtual classrooms real time or asynchronously.
The use of IT has led to an overall improvement in quality, safety and efficiency in the health care delivery system. The health care sector is positively impacted by the use of electronic health records, virtual healthcare team technologies, telemedicine, e-health grids and various specialist health care information systems.
Information technology had brought phenomenal changes to all aspect of life. The positive impact has been global and the change continues to grow exponentially. However, the disadvantages can not be ignored. A major menace brought about by IT is security and drastic reduction in privacy.…

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Brain Alert and Your Body Energized!

Simple Ways to Keep Your Brain Alert and Your Body Energized!

Have you ever felt just sluggish, like your brain and body are not up to par? There are simple things you can do on a daily basis to make sure your body responds at peak performance in every situation. First you want to make sure that you are getting enough rest, that means not too much nor to little. Usually 6-8 hours is sufficient but other factors will weigh into this such as your diet and daily activities. Of course it is good to eat healthy but what are some of the foods that are not only the healthiest but have the highest energy level?

1. Almonds

2. Hard-Boiled Eggs

3. Peanut Butter

4. Trail Mix

5. Orange Juice

6. Manhattan Clam Chowder

7. Beans

8. Pumpkin Seeds

9. Watermelon

10. Lean Roast Beef

11. Peanut Buttered Apple

12. High Protein Energy Bars

13. Kashi Cereal with Fruit

14. Energy Smoothie

15. Cheerios with Fresh Fruit

16. Handful of Soy Nuts

17. A Cup of Berries

18. Cocoa

19. Cucumbers

20. Any food with its natural water source still in it i.e. lettuce etc

These foods listed above are all very high when it comes to energy, but the number one necessity that will make your body’s energy last longer and brain work quicker is water. Water is gasoline for the body it is proven that your body consist of over 65% water. Every day the water in our body is flushed out through one or more ways that body chooses to dispose of it. Sweating and using the restroom are the most common ways, but the fact remains that this H2O must be replaced. Try to drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses per day of water and you not only feel an immediate effect your energy will sky rocket…

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How to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

How to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

The battle of the bulge is a fight many people regardless of age or sex are all too familiar with.  There are some simple tools that you can arm yourself with in order to win the fight.  Often, we get so polluted with the latest gadgets and miracle pills that we forget about the basics.  This article is going to take you back to the basics, the proven methods to help you shed the pounds and more importantly keep them off.

A key to losing weight is burning more calories a day than you are taking in.  I suggest tracking your daily activities and food intake for a few days.  Take a look at what you’re doing.  Are you consuming considerably more calories than you are burning off?  If so, you might want to start here with your adjustments.

Food Choices:  Always start your day with breakfast, this is the most important meal.  It gets your metabolism going after 8 or so hours of sleeping.  This meal is very important therefore what you choose to put in your mouth is also important.  If you start your day off with junk food, like a donut, your setting your self up for a sugar crash and most likely day filled with bad choices.  The best breakfast choices contain protein, whole grains, and/or fruit.  Try to stay away from refined sugars.  Some great meals for breakfast are:  eggs with whole grain toast or english muffin, oatmeal, yogurt with a piece of fruit, or a protein shake.  In order to keep your blood sugar levels stable try to eat every 2-3 hours.  This can be a difficult concept for some people but this does not have to be it can be a small snack between breakfast and lunch and a snack between lunch and dinner.  A snack consist of a handful of almonds, string cheese, a piece of fruit, or celery and peanut butter.  For lunch remember to watch your portion sizes.  Choose lean meats, whole grains, and vegetables. 

Try to stay away from fried foods, if you must have a fast food burger skip the cheese and the fries.  Prepared meals such as lean cuisines are great for lunch.  If you don’t get quite filled up on these add a salad to round it out.  Dinner is similar to lunch, choose lean meats, no fried foods, choose whole grain breads and pastas, and add vegetables.  Easy things that you cut out of your diet or substitute them for lower fat or reduced calorie items are: Sodas, switch to diet sodas or drink water instead, salad dressing; switch to low fat dressings, cheese; cut out cheese or switch to reduced fat cheese, ice cream; switch to frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream, milk; switch to skim milk, 1% or 2%.

Exercise:  Its true the harder you work out the more calories you will burn, but that does not mean in order to lose weight you need to work out like a world class athlete.  Find an activity that you like enough to do at least 30 minutes of 3 times a week, such as brisk walking, running, jogging, swimming, biking or aerobics.  Next add 1-2 days of light weights or resistance training with bands to your workout plan.  Be sure to stretch before and after your workouts so that you don’t get injured.

Things to remember:  Drink water throughout the day, make sure your getting enough sleep, and remember to eat breakfast.  Have a support group, if you don’t have anyone to buddy up with try a weight watchers meeting that way you will be held accountable.  Don’t get discouraged, if your making healthier choices and watching your portions while adding moderate exercise to your regimen you will lose weight. …